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Poussin Secret Discovered: key of a great mystery
05-20-2012, 05:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-25-2012, 09:36 AM by francoise.)
Poussin Secret Discovered: key of a great mystery
2 unknown POUSSIN paintings discovered:the key of a great MYSTERY

my site is in english now

In this site at page LINK you must go to my interview in which I give all details why these paintings are the key of RLC mystery . In particular you will find the same details in my paintings and Boudet VLC ..there are good pictures to explain my discoveries
I send you a link to understand code Poussin .

It's interessant to see Poussin used kabbale and hermetic langage . And in my paintings also . In his sign Pou and under S X .he has used phonetic kabbale to sign POUSSIN .
There is a sacred geometry in these 2 paintings which give solutions in these paintings .

These 2 family's paintings are 2 Unknown Poussin's paintings and are THE KEY of RENNES LE CHATEAU's mystery

In these paintings Poussin mysterious painter gives his secret and his secret is the RLC mystery .
My story is incredible story,it's true . my ancestor Henri Gasc, priest near Rennes le chateau at Notre Dame de Marceille,who discoveres these 2 paintings hidden in his church ..
He has discovered these paintings,which were: Mysterious ,coded,and that they were from POUSSIN .
He has discovered the secret which was in these paintings ...There is 6 years my mother has given me before his death these 2 paintings and has begun an adventure and discoveries in these paintings . Codes ,symboles,hidden pictures ,letters ,numbers discovered at rayons X with a fabulous hidden face.. Sacred geometry and astronomy give the key of this mystery. Religious secret ,ancestral secret and it was impossible for a priest ,to give this secret without code. Henri Gasc IS THIS PROTAGONIST with Henri Boudet . The key is in Cromlech and parchments . The secret found by Gasc in these paintings has been coded in parchments . Boudet was in the secret with Gasc and has wrotten the CROMLECH.It's a track game ..
The Poussin's secret is in the stars ..I explain so it in my site . I tell this story in my site with details and paintings's pictures

there has been a reportage about my discoverings on the biggest french TV .

Poussin secret is a RELIGIOUS AND GREAT secret . The Poussin's seal is put on my site is TENET Confidentiam . with as picture a Boat ,Argonaute boat which is the same as in one of my painting
TENET comes from sator square ,a secret code ..

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Poussin Secret Discovered: key of a great mystery - francoise - 05-20-2012, 05:13 PM

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