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Is Oxygen depletion more worrying than global warming?
03-27-2009, 12:57 AM,
Is Oxygen depletion more worrying than global warming?
Quote:firefighters were not only present but reported isolated fires that could be "knocked out with handlines"...and then there is the case of the molten steel recorded coming of the side of the building - quite a range of temperatures - you put the collapse down to the effects of kerosine, do you?
Yeah, yeah. They got ABOVE the fire, did they? Give me a break! They got to the UNDERSIDE of the fire. Hot air POURS upwards and forms an inverted "lake" against ceilings. The HOTTEST part of the fire is THERE. It softens the steel THERE. The fireman were quite possibly FIFTY FEET BELOW that point.

Once that structure got ONE INCH out of line, it had ONLY ONE WAY TO GO.

Quote:In terms of structural issues - squibs aside - have you watched Loosechange final cut, JR?
I do believe I have. Eight tons of kerosine can melt quite a lot of aluminum. 250 KILOTONS of TNT equivalent energy can create a lot of microspheres. There was enough sulfur in the gypsum of those buildings too.


The structures were grossly OVERBUILT to handle such stresses - it's debatable that kerosine could effect such a warping of the structure - the design of the building was specifically constructed with preventing pancaking, in mind. The jetfuel is supposed to have flooded DOWN the elevator shafts..and that's not even to mention the SQUIBS.

JR, there are like a thousand or so anomalities - watch loose change final cut, at least.

If you think the official story rolls straight, what can I say? :P

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