Poll: Have you experienced timeline alterations in your present life?
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Have you experienced timeline alterations in your present life?
03-11-2012, 04:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-11-2012, 05:03 PM by peragrate.)
RE: Have you experienced timeline alterations in your present life?
(03-11-2012, 01:00 PM)thokling Wrote: peragrate: Perhaps you could elucidate on your own experiences, or information you've happened across, regarding personal timeline alterations.

I recall the Nelson Mandela assassination in the news a while back, but I'm suspecting that it could have been an error on the part of the media.

Is it possible to observe alternations in the very timeline of which we're supposed to be part? If so, this could go some ways toward explaining the nature of spirit or soul on this plane.

OK. I'll try.

I'm not sure where to begin. We could start with dreams. I had one the other night, and I met a meanace in the dream. When I woke up, I thought it was weird to dream about this person, and I was very conscious in the dream. A little like lucid dreaming (although I have almost zero experience with that). I just know that I was looking through my eyes when I talked to the person and that I was consciously present in the moment.

I was suspicious of the dream however. It's clarity was just as this "waking" reality. I know I would not arrange a meeting with that person, and something in side just told me that something was wrong about the whole thing.

I did a mini-meditation and, like an implanted memory, the dream-scape started to weaken as I recalled it. I could "see" someone else behind the dream. That someone else is a not a friend and is active in my week to week life (temporarily). I realized with a fright that that person was somehow behind the dream, and I started to suspect that it was a holographic experience, and that I hadn't really met the person in the dream. There are many possible explanations.

(As far as Nelson is concerned, he was probably cloned. As for the media, the industry has shifted from independent journalism to PR firms. Most of what I learn about the world comes from this site, so sorry if I'm being redundant to some of you.)

Another is example is taking something that didn't happen and making it as if it did happen. Then constantly meeting people who subtly remind you of this incident that never happened. (They say the most common form of hypnosis is repetition.) The object is that once you've heard the lie enough times you'll accept it as truth. Not too many details on this one.

Often, dream inform us of the future or the current state of affairs (at least for me.) Several times I've had dreams where I've seen a mountain (this is always viewed from above - 3rd person), and I have gone one way around the mountain and another person has gone the other-way.

The first time it happened I heard a voice in the dream say, "PERSON'S NAME and you are going your separate ways. It's strange because both times that was true. The relationship between myself and that person was ended shortly after the dream.


So. I am not making these decisions. Something is though.

While in Bang Pong, Thailand, a Buddhist once explained to me that there is something within each of us called "The Knower." This being within us is what existed before we were born and it will exist after we are born. To become a Buddha is to become one with the Knower (meaning it knows everything.)

I'm not smart enough to tackle the chicken and the egg thing, so I don't want to get into a religious debate. Right now I simply believe in an original cause. I call that cause God. I don't believe God is completely insensitive to the pain we humans suffer (all over the globe), and I'm not sure I believe that God micromanages our lives, so who is making these executive decisions about my life?


I've done a bit of meditation, and I've recorded my timeline in a book from 5 to about 38 (that's the year I wrote it all down.) There are a number of incidents in my timeline that are 100% out-of-character for myself; they are decisions I would not have made. They are also pivot points in my life: They changed everything.

It's a little like putting a bucked of water on the top of a door so that some one will walk through and fall for the prank. You're walking through a door, as you normally would, when all of a sudden your soaking wet. You're just standing there for a second thinking what the heck! They you see everyone standing around laughing, and you get the "joke". (This is just an example.)


I don't know if I am explaining myself very good here. This is different that simply being betrayed by a human. It's pretty easy to figure out who's betrayed you, how they did it, and what they got out of it. These timeline alterations are significant, and the person or group of people behind it is usually not apparent.

Yet, as I've grown older and learned from experience, I've picked up the knack of detecting synthetic or engineered events. That's all for now. I need to think about your request for more details. I really have to think about this one to get my point across.

There was the time I flew out to Saturn (and it was really me - I was very there!). When I looked back at the solar system I could see that all the planets were lined up in a row. Somehow I could see around the sun at the same time and there were a few planets in their orbit over there too. The planets where lined up line a arms of a clock at 6pm. A perfect line. Then in May of 2000 (maybe 2001) the planets did line up perfectly just as in my astral projection/dream. Surprisingly, the even go almost no media attention. I didn't choose to fly there. I was "Flown" there. I remember this so clearly - I was fully awake.

This ties into the thread I responded to concerning the pentagram. http://concen.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=42533&highlight=pentagram. The pentagram resonates at a very high frequency and it's more that adequate to off-set the efforts of any individual or group. But like any source problem, they won't go away until you deal with them directly. Unfortunately, you have to study their methodologies and at times use their own sword against them. Since I create the pentagram, and it offsets the effects of an event (before, during, or afterward), that tells me that the source of the event is external. (I can't explain more about this at the present moment.)

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