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Tor is funded by US State Department
01-18-2012, 09:16 PM,
RE: Tor is funded by US State Department
Not particularly surprising, considering that TOR was used by the ¨arab spring¨ nations as well as chinese dissidents, georgians and others in order to circumvent governmental censorship and organize below the radar. I´m curious how much of the funding was actually suggested by the CIA or NSA, or if they were responsible for the other 19%... I´m pretty sure that the US government could make its way through the various layers of the onion in individual cases, but I doubt they have the time or need to deal with most of they traffic through the network, otherwise I expect that silk road would be gone by now... then again, it´s also possible that the bitcoin movement is close enough to an electronic currency that can be taken over and replace the current system that it´s ¨positive¨ possibilities outweigh the ¨negatives.¨

However, Tor´s been around since before 2008, in fact I first experimented with it in 2004 I believe, and it was simply too slow to deal with since it was early on in its existence and there weren´t many people using it. I doubt that it started as a governmental false flag of security, but it almost certainly became too subversive not to attempt to co-opt.
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