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False Flag: Internet is out of IP addresses! The IPV6 Pillar to the Real World Web
11-30-2011, 02:23 PM,
Information  False Flag: Internet is out of IP addresses! The IPV6 Pillar to the Real World Web
Overload went and deleted some threads of his which included other members' posts. This erroneous feature now disabled b the w.

I did managed to restore this one without bugging the yeti to do a DB restore.

Overload Wrote:Most users believe in the inexhaustible space on the internet but most people who log on to the net would not believe the problem internet is currently facing - running out of IP addresses.

IP Address, or Internet Protocol Address, in simple terms is just the unique name of your computer online. It allows people to identify you and the location you are based in. The websites and the URLs we use log in to a website also have an IP address but generally have names like or to make it easier on the human brains that obviously cannot remember such long stream of numbers.

Except, now the version of the IP addresses the world is working on - IP version 4 - is running out. As of January 14, 2011, the IANA Unallocated Address Pool is expected to be exhausted as early as 19th Feb 2011.

Which means no more new websites from next month, unless we come up with more numbers and combinations for new addresses.

Hence, most companies are now planning to migrate to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

IPv6 has been slowly adopted already by several companies, including Google. But it will be unveiled to the public for the first time on June 8, 2011.

Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other biggies in the internet world will allow access for 24 hours on their IPv6 support and will be a mega-test for the internet to see if it can support the new IP system without crashing.

Most users still do question the reason for the switch, other than the exhaustion of the older IP addresses. There are several costs and risks associated with the adoption of the new IP address system.

The new IP address system, however, makes routing faster and easier as it allows large blocks to be assigned for specific purposes.

The IPv6 uses a 128-bit address size, compared to the 32-bit address size that is used by IPv4 currently. Naturally, this translates to more potential combinations of unique addresses. Wikipedia estimates this at 2128 number of addresses, which hopefully should be enough for the foreseeable future.

Internet users might not really see much a difference in using these websites on June 8. Some reports state that there could be a few 'rare cases' with connectivity problems but for most parts, users should remain unaffected.

FastTadpole Wrote:4,228,250,625 (~4 Million Blocks - not necessarily IPs)


IPv6 solves this easily

274,941,996,890,625 (274 Billion Blocks)


Y2K Fear Re-installation Program / Cash Grab, Glad they're testing it out though. 3% free allocation can be mitigated much further along but it needs to be done sometime. I question the timing of the action.

It would be a great (and likely) time to do some preliminary testing on the new security protocols surrounding ACTA like DNSSEC and CYBERCOM and maybe deploy a massive amount of IPs to the HP/Shell CeNSE network that I've been anticipating the other shoe to drop on while everyone is distracted with garbage media du jour.

VPNs, NATs and SubNets could deal with this too but IPv6 is a better solution, I would have maybe gone up to an 8 or 10 factor though so there is no rerun of this later on. I suppose it wouldn't be as dramatic though.

pax681 Wrote:this isn't really "new" IPv4 blocks have been running out for quite some time.

Quote:IP v6 and NAT i.e. Network Address Translater are best solution for IP issues..

translation bud Wink

the only problem as such with IPv6 is that not many domestic routers are capable of it really at the moment and it's take more than just a firmware update to sort that out.

FT is spot on about the Y2K like fear generation about it.. and it's not likely to really affect anything to be honest.. the IPv6 rollout won't be quick as the cost to ISP's and backbone providers to upgrade equipment is FUCKING ASTONISHING.

There is a datacentre here in Edinburgh that costed upgrading it's infrastructure to be able to deal with both IPv4 and IPv6.. scolocate isn't even a huge DC but it was costed at... 3.2 million GBP .. i shit you not.. which is a massive overhead for them as compared to many datacentres they are not that big to be honest though at first glance at their square footage you might think so....

good that you mentioned ACTA and odd that NAT was mentioned as there are a fair few ISP's who are thinking of putting their whole networks behind a NAT so that it makes it much harder for customers to get nailed with their IP address as they don't want the extra cost of installing the tech and manpower to "police" on behalf of the *IAA's.

see here for details

however all in all FT is spot on in that the sky isn't going to fall in any time soon with re4spect to this and also that IPv6 isn't a bad thing at all however it's gonna cost eve4ryone from the customers up..
There are no others, there is only us.

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