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Marine Rant at Occupy Wall Street EXPOSED!

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Marine Rant at Occupy Wall Street EXPOSED!
10-29-2011, 03:17 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-19-2012, 11:44 AM by Negentropic.)
Marine Rant at Occupy Wall Street EXPOSED!
Staged Events & Actors Provocateuring At Key Focal Points of the Occupy Wall Street Events? You better believe it !

Problem, Reaction, Solution,

Order Out of Chaos

They have to make reality disappear for all practical purposes in the political realm by making sure they create and shape that reality themselves, infiltrating and leading it at every level. Like Lenin said all those years ago echoing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion: the best way to control the opposition is by leading it ourselves.

Very likely that the entire movement is staged and funded from people like Soros with actors at key focal points and with well-intentioned real people useful idiots who join up by the thousands thinking it's all some spontaneous 'grass-roots' thing, not suspecting a thing while they're being led by the nose into the trap set for them.

****Update 1/17/2012 - most of the videos originally linked to you tube on this thread that no longer work due to cancellation of Dallas Goldbug / Ed Chiarini's account can be downloaded here:

Torrent uploaded by erandd3 at

Dallas Goldbug on Oracle's Non-Conformity Live with Mike & Dave

Simon Shack's comment to Dallas Goldbug aka Edward L. Chiarini on the September Clues forums:

Quote:Dallasgoldbug wrote: So if you were smart you wouldn't burn bridges with individuals that have large platforms to get your message out on, just in case one day you might need to send out a distress call. As for me I dont care if no one believes me, its the ones that do that I work hard to make sure they are WELLAWARE of the truth.


Mr Goldbug,

I dislike your attitude, your writing style, your language and your research. However, I will keep an eye on your site this coming month to see if anything of interest comes out of it. During this time you will be suspended from this forum - since your presence here has brought about only unwelcome turmoil, controversy, time-wasting and aggravation.

I consider your work published at - at best - flawed and flimsy and - at worst - an umpteenth operation to mislead and confuse. I will not let you use the Cluesforum platform to diffuse your material again unless this prevailing impression doesn't evolve and improve over time. Should you need one day to send out a distress call - feel free to contact me by private e-mail and I will gladly spread the word over here: this would allow your call to reach about 24 times more people than your website currently does. Hope you will appreciate this friendly gesture of concern and humanity on my part.

Many happy breakfasts

In case of emergency, please contact:

"Everything is in balance. Only your misunderstanding of that fact is what creates inbalance." -- Michael Tsarion

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