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Total information blackout on Fukushima Unit 4 reactor raises serious questions about
04-10-2011, 12:20 PM,
RE: Total information blackout on Fukushima Unit 4 reactor raises serious questions about
Thanks for this post, very informative.
Our family will be buying a hand-held geiger counter to test consumer products for rad levels. Interestingly, researching the prices online we found that for many firms, demand has outstripped supply in the last few weeks. We have to take into account the 'mislabeling' phenomenon which took place in Russia after Chernobl, when foodstuffs were packaged with misleading info about place of origin in order to continue sales; when tested with counters they clicked off the scale, indicating the source was around the Chernobl region. Sadly, anything from Japan will be suspect (foods, clothing, tech, cars, etc etc) until proven otherwise.
Indeed the disinformation from Japan's 'leaders' is rife; within a few weeks, handfuls of hair should be falling out of thousands of Japanese heads, but that will no doubt be minimized and whitewashed over.
The only good thing about this disaster is that it does arm antinuclear proponents with another very good argument against their governments' building nuclear reactors in the back yard. Countering that will be the lobbying and lies from the nuclear industry, seeking to protect its subsidies and grants from taxpayers worth billions of dollars / pounds.
Which is a lot like smoking cigarettes: one pays for the privilege of being done away with by corporate entities.

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