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03-21-2011, 07:35 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-21-2011, 07:43 PM by Deathaniel.)
RE: Deathaniel
I had missed this but another poster had flagged it to my attention, so someone can use a thesaurus...ClapClapClap so can my 8 year old. big words do not make one smarter... the fact you fell the need to write such a long and drivilious piece re yours truly means either you arer not very put together we had a fuck tard like that b4... or your truly anti what I do teach.

teach you ask...?

yes teach, my post at times (the shorter ones) can be drunken rants like the attack on the red cross etc... but most times I am only moving the bush aside so the hunters here can see the tracks, wither there smart enough or interested enough to follow the trail is there choice.

See unlike fucktard censors like yourself, I'm of the opinion that any can say what they will as long as it doesn't attack another local, of course when such a problem arises leave it to CONcen to find a proper solution, like the FF thread Icon_biggrinthanks guys.

As for Nibiru, Etain, Wormwood, no mater what you call it it's the final chapter in the truth, and I've been studying it since the 80's. Yes this site is often worried about the left hand... once again if you don't know what I mean by left hand; it doesn't mean left wing another phrase stolen and corrupted so the sheeple could be easily confused by the ever stealthy thieves whom I also have no love for...

... while folks like you and the Available information keep the hunters looks away from the path, confusing you, hosting fake surprises, and giving the illusion of freedom, I worry more about the right hand which is the hand which is tightening around all our throats, which has built it's bunkers, and stored away it's 50 year oil supply, the real threat! The right hand every more stealthy and sneaky, and by far the more deadly.

However both hands are attached to the enemy of humanity, so while I watch the right hand to be sure it's not sliding into my anus, to keep me trapped and speaking on key, I ignore the left hand entirely and prepare... I'm 3 months from being totally off the grid in every way, no accounts, no taxes, no utility bills, I am trained and raising my kids and any of there friends how to survive in the "real" world where it's not important if you have a cell signal, but if you have a full belly and a good home (defend-able and stocked)

So now I have defended what I say and re -informed those who don't know where I stand... but let us now look upon our attacker.... hummmm

-homo phobe...
-uses big words to sound smart
-but feels the urge to raise dust to get there posting numbers up
-not any true internet presence, a random handle with no pics...
-I looked through posts and don't see a single constructive or ground breaking post
-Claims I'm the one with no life to dribble out here, yet he patrons multiple sites, and I'm sure waste time on them all as equally as unproductive.
-I'll wager he's single or divorced...
-I'll wager he is not close with any family and has under 4 solid long term friends.
-I'll wager he has not been laid in at least 2 months or more (without paying for it)
-I'll wager that even if he proclaims religion deep down he doesn't truly believe in it

I can go on but no point as I'm sure he will not be truthful where as I'm an open book honest and free with not only my story, but also with my knowledge, and I don't force it on anyone, I'm not selling any apoplectic books (got other ones though for saleLove005... not that i have mentioned one since my joining as I'm not here for monetarily profit, but to enlighten)

As for my spelling I even joke about that along with my PROUD Riker Title I am at times home from the pub, and see something to comment on, obvious dis-info, or the rantings of a fucktard...hey like now...LOL Truth is what i say is good enough it's not a gradable essay and folks who worry that much about grammar and spelling had best go shoot themselves now as hell modern kids are way worse then I, and my excuse is Drunkenness, and/ or small little cell phone keyboard, I have man hands so my thick fingers tent to hit more then the G key LOL & while my typing may be flawed, my message is spot on!

BTW if the reps were on I'm in the red always have been except for a 2 month span when I got over rep-ed by a newbie mod, he rectified this before the rep was removed and I was back in the red. Does that mean what I have to say is wrong or I should be banned...... no! It means I'm not everyones favorite poster...

I know this and don't care truth is not a popularity contest and since for you it is and your so opinionated on what is spoken about and how; thank goodness your not a MOD! As you'd be the one to ruin the site with your censorship and tripe... they had a guy like that, the founder... I have yet to see his posts... so rest assured if they got sick of him they will get sick of you, as for me I'm threw.

BTW for babies like yourself they have this gay little button somewhere called Ignore, I don't believe in it as I'm all about what I may learn from every post, both what the hands are saying/ doing, and how the sheeple interpret it, but since your so sensitive to others postings save us all the time of reading your bitching and crying like the fag you proclaim to fear/hate and use this button it was made for shut ins like yourself.
Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!

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