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chemtrail spraying altitude gradually getting lower ?

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chemtrail spraying altitude gradually getting lower ?
04-18-2009, 01:54 PM,
chemtrail spraying altitude gradually getting lower ?
I have been noticing that the chemtrails seem more visible
as time goes on, and it seems that they are now gradually coming closer
to the ground when spraying.
I was out yesterday and I noticed that the grid of chemtrails
was much closer to the ground than several years ago.
Its as if the original plan was to spray the cities directly, up close, but they
realized that people would notice that, if they did it too suddenly.
They may have planned to 'phase in' the spraying, by starting out high in the
air ten years ago. People were gradually acclimated to seeing these things
high in the sky several years ago, with the spraying descending incrementally
lower to the ground each year.

Yesterday, the chem trail grid was at such a low altitude, directly above,
and so obvious, that I had to mention it to a man crossing the street.

I used to be shy about mentioning this to people, but yesterday it looked so obvious
that I knew he'd probably agree that it looked strange . We could see, just a little
farther off, the trails coalescing into cloud cover at low altitude, while directly above us , fresh chem trails were hanging at very low altitude, while some slightly older ones had already begun spreading into broader white bands .

He was in his late teens, about 18, and I asked him if he'd ever read up on chem trails.
I told him about chem trails, pointing out the patterns , and after looking carefully at the
sky, he immediately took an interest and said he'd look it up on the internet.

I had expected the usual skepticism, but he seemed so well used to the idea of systematic
abuse of one kind of another, that he took it seriously enough to consider it.

That was nice to see.

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