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GM mosquitos, dengue fever, the CIA, Fort Detrick and the Gates foundation...
12-17-2010, 09:21 PM,
RE: GM mosquitos, dengue fever, the CIA, Fort Detrick and the Gates foundation...
Lots more on Gate's Foundation exploits in this run down but that's just the public stuff.

Bill Gates Newborn Vaccine Registration Program + Other Gates Foundation Population Control, Monitoring & Compliance

It's multi-pronged approach of education, media, bribery, monitoring, science, technology, government, enforcement to advance chemical / genetic reprogramming of life including that of the human variety with a dash of cybernetic transhumanism from what I have gathered so far.

To dig a bit deeper check The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's tax returns (section 990) for 2008 and 2009 I have linked to in the thread for a bit larger picture.

Quote:What has been quite suspicious, however, is the fact that Dengue fever, which has been nonexistent in North America for decades, has recently surfaced in Florida. Initially, the fever was found in 2009, but by 2010 the cases had vastly increased. In July 2010, a CDC study was released to very little media attention indicating that about 10 percent of the population of Key West had been infected with Dengue fever.

Suspicious indeed.

Here are a few projects the BaMGF are involved in:

University of California on Dengue Fever Mosquito Genetic Strategies in Partnership with the CDC

Grand Challenges for Global Health research grant
Dr. Anthony A. James, University of California at Irvine, California, United States - US
Genetic Strategies for Control of Dengue Virus Transmission

OUR CHALLENGE: Eliminate Dengue

Grand Challenges for Global Health research grant
Dr. Scott O'Neill, University of Queensland, Australia - AU
Modifying Mosquito Population Age Structure to Eliminate Dengue Transmission

More links to follow up on the Grand Challenges for Global Health research grants site on Dengue available here

Those are only the ones related to Dengue but mosquitoes have been proposes to have other uses including mobile vaccine delivery systems.


Biological Control of Mosquitoes with Bti-Engineered Algae
David Herrin and colleagues at the University of Texas propose to develop a green-algal food source for mosquito larvae into a biological control agent by engineering their chloroplasts to produce larvacidal proteins**. The chloroplast genome has significant advantages for genetic modification, including stability and containment.

** It also fits with the algae biofuel agenda not only the food source. There is also the huge risk of breeding a larvacidal resistant mosquito.

Could connect with this research
Larvacidal Activity Of Three Ethanol Extract Family Of Labiatae Against Larvae Aedes aegypti and extending it to algae.

---- The Florida connection could link to possible biofuel testing in the gulf with bioengineered algae.

Lots of speculation some more of a stretch than others but I wouldn't rule out anything just yet.
There are no others, there is only us.

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