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Wikileaks and Assange = Rothschilds: The Proof
12-13-2010, 11:12 PM,
RE: Wikileaks and Assange = Rothschilds: The Proof
Quote:Maybe julian assange is just some guy somewhere doing what he thinks is right..that....ever.....bubble up in your head?? you would probably consider yourself naive for even thinking naive. You give TPTB way too much of a compliment. They are a house of cards and you prefer to view them as unstoppable. your choice, not mine.


Oh yeah like this is going to stop the powers that be. LOL Leak some documents? And you talk about being naive?

I tell you what, seeing as though you are obviously a dogmatic defender of Assange that does not allow anyone else to have a different opinion about him to your own (while using that as an excuse to defend him I might add) why don't we wait for the hype to die down when you have more of a clear head. Let's wait and see if Assange knocks down this 'house of cards' and if you were justified in investing so much emotion into someone who I doubt you've even met.

You'd think I said something about your favourite sports team or religion with these childish reactions.

Quote:what were you expecting from these low-level leaks? were you expecting higher level leaks?

I was expecting nothing of these leaks except for them to fill people with false hope while being used to censor speech in the long term following the method of problem-reaction-solution.

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