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The Great Cholesterol Deception
11-21-2010, 11:25 AM,
RE: The Great Cholesterol Deception
Eye opener for me -- The Oiling of America. It has some pretty convincing chemistry.

The brain is comprised mostly of cholesterol and water.

Cholesterol repairs damaged tissue like in the heart and is a symptom rather than a cause of heart damage. Heart plaque is is usually due to calcium the body has not absorbed. Pasteurization takes the enzymes out of milk required to break it down.

Pure unsalted butter, lard or extra virgin first press, cold press olive oil are far easier to digest than industrial manufactured oils due to their molecular structure straight as opposed to entangled chains.

The numbers for cholesterol results are doctored, cherry picked .. highly selective at best with the potential motivation to market the statin (preventitive) drugs like crestor, lipitor and all that crap that "may cause death" to reduce your cholesterol score.

The Oiling of America - Sally Fallon [2009.09.03] ISO

The Oiling of America - Sally Fallon [2009.09.03] DVD-Rip

This lecture set me on the path to change the way I look at food for me and my children, my family and others I care for and about. It's a must watch IMO. Not 100% accurate but mostly a solid critique and expose based on dissemination of facts and chemistry - kind of like Bruce Lipton's work I've gotten into lately. I'm on the fence about eating animals (other than fish) atm -- in the meantime though I'm practising a bit of constraint on my Alberta beef intake as much as it pains me.
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