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100% Conclusive Proof of No-Planes & TV-Fakery on 9/11 in under 8 minutes
04-24-2012, 03:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-24-2012, 03:47 PM by Negentropic.)
RE: 100% Conclusive Proof of No-Planes & TV-Fakery on 9/11 in under 8 minutes
Massive Frauds proven without any doubt whatsoever :

WTC 7 - the very fact that it's not there anymore and wasn't hit even by any media 'ghostplanes' proves massive fraud

WTC 7 - the very fact that it was announced on the BBC as having collapsed BEFORE it even collapsed proves MASSIVE fraud and media complicity in duping the entire planet.

Absolute impossibility of any steel-frame building coming down into its footprint or in any other way disappearing in 10 seconds or even 10 hours due to a fire caused by a 'plane-crash' or anything else. Can large even 100 story buildings come down in 10 to 20 seconds by controlled demolition ? Yes and the FACT that they have to be rigged months in advance again proves MASSIVE FRAUD and treason.

The 100% proven fact of No-Planes as covered in this thread and many other places all over the internet linked here

Therefore NO-PLANES = ABSOLUTE IMPOSSIBLITY OF THE OFFICIAL STORY of 9-11 = Absolute and massive fraud and treason committed against the entire planet by those who control the World Mass-Media and by extension the collusion of the governments of all the countries where such mass-media is forced down everybody's throat.

What is beside the point, given only 249 death certificates :

How the buildings disappeared: came down or went up or whatever , i.e. controlled demolition, thermite, thermate, nano-thermate or Judy Wood DEW . No Planes is already proven and does not really need either the DEW or controlled demolition research to prove massive fraud, since it's already obvious to any half-ape that buildings cannot come down in 10 seconds or even 10 hours due to a friggin goddamn fire ! That other stuff is just the extra turd icing on the massive, gigantic bullshit cake.

Since there were NO PLANES, the official story is absolutely 100% discredited anyway and any wars or invasions based on the official story are a complete and massive murderous fraud on the entire planet.

If it can be proven that those 249 people actually died and those death certificates were not faked, then, GIVEN THE FACT OF NO PLANES, those people would have to be PROVEN to have been inside the buildings when the buildings came down because they could not possibly have died on any ghost-planes, certainly NOT at any of the 4 WTC sites.

In other words: the crime was massive fraud and treason whether or not there were actual mass-murders on 9-11 or even any murders at all. The REAL MASS MURDERS were overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq in the hundreds of thousands or even millions as a result of the massive fraud and treason perpetrated through the controllers of the World Mass Media on the entire friggin planet.

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