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Global Warming/ Climate change?
10-28-2010, 10:36 AM,
RE: Global Warming/ Climate change?

Try original thought on for a change or at least quote your regurgitated source. You don't have to spam - you choose to be a sellout Archer / Archerbot.

The IPCC AR4 and the entire global scam warming is part of an is a heavily financed dishonest sales pitch for Global Governance, Gaia Worship, Wealth Transfer and ultimately human enslavement / managed development and growth based on a pathetic display and manipulation of the scientific method, combined with social engineering and bribery on many levels.

Time has slipped by and now is our best change to change this plotted course and carve out our own.

"Go ahead, close your eyes. But I'm sorry to tell you that when you wake up you're going to feel guilty for things you have done or said. Some of it you won't even remember, it'll just be a blur and you're going to wonder if you'll ever going to feel like the person you used to be again." ~David Telford SGU

.. or what you could have been if your actions were not dictated to you by someone pulling your strings by waving around some fiat. Have some integrity for yourself, if not for anyone else. Stop prostituting yourself and whoring out your services like a cheap hooker.

Rationalize it all you want - but that's the truth bitch.

Oh and welcome to the forum. Hope you learn something of value during your stay.
There are no others, there is only us.

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