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New Report: U.S. Government Data Demonstrates Failure of Cannabis Prohibition
10-08-2010, 02:53 PM,
RE: New Report: U.S. Government Data Demonstrates Failure of Cannabis Prohibition
(10-08-2010, 12:35 AM)dicktater Wrote:
Quote:Leading International Scientific Body Supports Call for Legalization and Regulation to Reduce Cannabis-Related Harms

Fuck that! Decriminalization, PERIOD. And get the fuck out of our lives. The last thing we the people need are to accept any onerous regulations imposed by the very same eVil, murderous, tyrranical government that has robbed, beaten, incarcerated, and killed people simply for growing and utilizing a fucking green plant. It's just trading one fucking prison for another with different curtains on the windows.

Since 90% of the DEA's budget goes to marijauna eradication, then obviously the entire fraudulent war on drugs is not just a failure but, an unmitigated disaster of gargantuan proportions.

I agree totaly,Iwant my god given right to grow and smoke my own weed and don't need to be told how much and what kind of weed I can grow.
As long as it is for my own use then my government can stay out of it just like it does when I grow my own fruits and vegetables.
I like to smoke honey oil and to do that I need alot of weed so in my opinion I should be able to make gallons of the shit if I see fit which means I need to grow alot of weed.
The money maker is the hemp and so my government should fuck off and allow me to grow what I consume without having to pay anything or be regulated by anything.
The government can regulate the hemp I choose to grow to help pay my taxes is the way I see it.
The hemp is the industry that needs regulation ,the cannabis I grow and smoke is not an industry, it is only an industry when I buy it on the street from the criminals.

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