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12-30-2010, 04:40 PM,
Hello again folks I just wanted to remind that I have now posted over 40 vids explaining my story at youtube.

please search all videos by alberniscorrupt at youtube for "Port Alberni gangstalking part #4" for my latest vid i have also posted vids of me on highway #4 with my free Marc Emery signs look for "Marc Emery signs on highway #4 week #29".

I have made up one more sign for me to post on the highway it says "google organized gang stalking" and i will be adding this to my collection of signs.

Please watch all my vids to know what gangstalking is all about and please tell others,what i need is a lawyer but am to poor so this is all I can do is warn the public so please tell others to watch my vids too.

Thank you very much.

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