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09-17-2010, 09:46 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-23-2010, 08:27 PM by persecuted in alberni.)
    [attachment=3731][attachment=3730]What was once called c-15 is now s-10 which is clear the Conservative party of Canada is bent on spending billions to throw innoccent People behind bars for longer periods.
The tough on crime strategy will not stop anyone from growing or using marijuana.
These Harperists like to play god and decide who and what will be punished which is clear that the leader of this country likes to rule us all with his own personal beliefs and religion.
Getting busted for growing just a few plants and getting 9 months of jail is pure criminal and up to 18months for making hash cookies of potcakes which is probably one of the healthier ways to consume cannabis is even more sickening to hear since we all know this will cost all tax payers billions.

Please write to your PM and tell him you think they should scrap Bill S-10 or better yet please call (866)808-8407 at voice your opinion instead.
The Harper government has sold us all out to America,he has allowed America to come and take away a great Canadian Marc Emery and has made it clear the Harper government does not like anyone who wishes to fight for freedom.
Mr Harpers government has made it clear it does not tolerate anyone who is a free thinker and this includes anyone who would consume cannabis.
Mr harper has sold us all out and is a traitor as far as I am concerned and he is bent on handing over Canada to America to fullfill Americas quest for manifest destiny.

It really is true what Mar emery was explaining about the stigma that goes with erecting signs along side roads and highways.
We have all been brainwashed to live the week cowardly american way of life and by that I mean it is the sick tyranny of the American government that has brain washed us all into believing that we are not allowed to protest,we are not allowed to stand up for freedom,we are not allowed to voice our opinions openly and freely,we have been brainwashed to believe we are sick,weak evil peaople who use cannabis and have no right to stand up against these sick religious controll freaks and demand our right to use cannabis.

We have all been forced to keep quite and made to feel we must not let others know who we are as users of weed,we have been taught to hide like cowards or someone we know who we hide the fact that we are users might see us and then HATE us and not like us.
Many marijuana users are closet smokers and like to hide it and no one knows about it and there are lots of them like cops,lawyers,doctors,government workers,politicians and many others who must hide who they really are and it is a shame because only if they knew it is very easy to cross over that line of fear and just do it.
Little do they know if they would all just do it and protest against the prohibition and be proud of who they are it would put an end to it all but the truth is there are not enough people like Marc and myself who do know how to stand up to tyranny and are not affraid of it.

Even now the ones who are brave with thier weed and proud to flaunt it are also carrying compasion cards around with them stating they are sickly and need it for the pain.
I have plenty of friends who smoke weed but won't come and join me with my signs or make thier own and pick a spot near them because thier boss or children might see them and then they will "LOOK' bad.

They are all for it and want it to be legal for all but againdthey have been told they are bad people and had better hide like cowards and keep quite and let other fools like myself do it for them.
This is the part that the haters love to see, they like to keep the masses in fear as this is how they controll and at the same time make the masses believe they are free.

The fear that others will see that they are proud to stand up to any country that invades our country and steal one of our freedom fighters is to great to even bother.
It isn't about Marc it is about how mr harper sold us all out and allowed
America to ivade and steal our sovereignty at the same time it steals away one of our citizens.
And now these same sick Hitlers who are actually religious controll freaks have come up with S-10 to imprison us all which will cost billions.
So it realy makes me sick and is a heart breaker to know that when I post all these signs as you can see in the pictures that you would think that with close to 1000 motor bikes riding past in the annual toy run that I would get more honks or thumbs ups but not one was given.

Thats right folks they all drove past they went by silently because like I said the stigma that goes with it is like glue and doesn't come off.
When they come through as a group they are silent and there are no thumbs ups either because others in the group will see and they might assume you are a criminal.
However before the toyrun started and groups of people on bikes who were passing by to go meet up with the group before it started all liked to honk and give thumbs up but once in the BIG group coming back they were quite.
When they pass by in thier own groups of friend it's ok but when mixed with the ones who are not into it they all feel they need to keep it quite and be cowardly and hide it.
Well let me tell you folks those others that are not into it are against it and they are the ones who vote for the Haters like Adolph Harpern so they can throw good people like you into jail and make you feel like you are a bad person.
So it really is sad folks to know this,to know that there were many in the group who did infact use,grow,consume but kept it silent as they passed by signs that any good person would know they should have given thumbs up and honked and did it all together to show the haters that they are free and do not allow such a thing as STIGMA to keep them all subdued.
But intead they all drove past in such a fine silent and subdued order Hitler himself would have been proud to witness as his troops passed by him while on the other side of the road was a sign that stated to be free is allright but instead they drive past insilence or the fuhr would spot them lol.
So as free as these bikers assumed they were they will never know freedom like I do untill they learn it is easy to step over that line of stigma.
It is only when they realize it is easy to turn the stigma and put the shame and destroy the reputation of your haters,perhaps maybe you should all be gangstalked and maybe you will grow some courage and do as I do.
They cannot gangstalk us all if we all stand up and say we have had enough but theycan if only one or two of us do it so it puts fear into everyone else so that they avoid and have fear in someone who claims to be gangstalked and not to have trust in what that person might be trying to say.
We must remember that when hitler came to America he went underground and hide behind democracy untill slowly but surely he could desolve it into a country of tyrranny.
So unlike back at a time when Hitler was still alive anyone who went against the leaders were tortured and murdered and now instead because Hitler still pretends it is not he who rules the world and so they have to hide the torture behind cowards like GANGSTALKERS.

This is what now happens to anyone who can do good and bring and end to pain and suffering to peoples lives so that people who are "whisleblowers" and or people who the government must destroy because they show signs of good honest leadership that is a direct threat to any corrupt government should the people say "Heeeey let's get him to be our leader".
Or better yet this is what they do to people who don't want to be leader of jack shit they just have a few good ideas to kick around that's all.
Anything that will bring change is a threat to any government and this is why they must get tough and come up with bill S-10 because they know they are losing the "battle of the bud" and it will be soon legal in many states and yes provinces too.

Sorry mr Harper but we are all going to grow our bud and build our homes built with BC HEMP and we are going to use it as medicine and fuel and food aswell and oneday all you sich religious hate mongers that have kept us all undercontroll like the controll Hitler wanted on the jews of the world will cry the blues because the beautiful stench of god given BCBUD will be in the air everywhere.

So mr Harper yesterday when I turned on my camcorder to catch it all on film how you have turned my fellow Canadians into what can be described as jews being lead into their death camps all nice and silent as they are lead away to thier deaths in neat little rows for they all became dead silent as soon as they read my signs.

Like you would think my signs said "This way to gas chambers" because again mr Harper you and your idol Hitler would have been proud to see the silence of them all.

And to any idiot that might want to add that no no it was because they saw me and my insanity lol well go ahead just ask yourself then how could that many people who pretend to be free have so much fear in just one man standing on the highway know that no matter how insane I may be my signs are 100% sane and they still remain silent and no thumbs up or honks.

And to anyone who went past me on their bike and reads this yes I know what most of you would say and do.You will honk and give thumbs up but again only when in the company of people who are like you but just not when "OTHERS" are watching.
Again it is the stigma that hatred has set up for us all to have fear in and make us feel we are not brave enough to cross the line and defend ourselves and speak up against tyranny.

Even though I did not hear your honks or see your waves and thumbs up it does not upset me too much after all I know you all thought about me and my signs.
Some were for,some were against and some didn't have a clue in hell who Marc Emery was and or know what S-10was and those are the ones I am trying to reach.
It is they who went home later and googled Marc Emery and S-10 because after all no matter how silent and subdued they were they cannot miss my huge signs next to a highway they are driving past in a slow manner.
When I first started with my signs in the morning my plans were to have my two hour of sign posting done before the toyrun starts and was even considering driving down to the free Marc rally in nanaimo.
Glad I kept my sign up for the toyrun because normally in a two hour period I get about 1000 motorists but on this day I got an extra 650(low numbers due to rain) more motorists in just under 15 minutes it took them all to pass by me.
So I think I educated more today than I would have had i went to nanaimos rally asmuch as I would have liked to go.

So again please, people of Canada stand up against these tyrannts and say no to bill S-10 and FREE MARC EMERY.

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