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Our 'war on drugs' has been an abysmal failure. Just look at Mexico
09-13-2010, 11:36 PM,
RE: Our 'war on drugs' has been an abysmal failure. Just look at Mexico
Good post mexika

The war on drugs is a failure right around the globe,it is time for Canada and Mexico to legalize it to stop americas prime goal of "manifest destiny" which it has never given up on.
Easy to purposly and intentionaly invade our country and claim it had to do it to keep the peace and unrest that itself has created and well hey since they are here they might aswell stay is how it is done.
To do that you must create civil unrest be causing stuff to happen like creating the crap going on in Mexico right now and by doing shit to Canada like taking our sovieneirgnty and stealing one of Canada greatest freedom fighters.
Don't ever think america gave up on manifest destiny after the war of 1812 and it would still invade and take over our country anytime they choose.
If they can convince the rest of the world it "HAD TO" to keep the peace they would do it and so the best way for America to fail at this plan if we the people(Canada and Mexico)legalize marijuana together and the exact same time it would create hell for America.

Canada and Mexico would be rich if it were to start immediatly growing hemp for itself and the rest of the world and many millions of people would be employed by the industry hemp would create.
It woould be more in the hands of the people than the oil and gas is now,only the big companies get rich now not the people and this is why we must grow hemp NOW.
I honestly believe that not only should we legalize and start growing hemp I think we should allow Mexico and the natives of north America to be the ones who are given the industry to run with and supply us all with the hemp we need.

I think concidering what white man and his sick religion has done to the aboriginals of this land and considering all the abuse and crimes against them and all the persecution they recieved at the hands of the europeans we could atleast give them back an industry that all natives of Canada can have as thier own.
These people would be rich and for the first time since we arrived here they would be working and living on what they work and make on thier own.
As we have taught them they cannot survive without handouts from our government and this is what forever keeps them in poverty and a pain for the taxpayers.
We came here and took their pride and any honor they had and destroyed the environment that was in prestine condition when we first arrived.

We are here to stay and this is my country because we made it that way and let's face it we ain't leavin and so the least we could do at this turning point in our existance where we return to the way god wanted it and start reusing the hemp/cannabis god gave us as the worlds #1 renewable resource that we let them have this industry as a offering not just for healing of these people but for the healing of our planet.

If we let them and yes we would have to help them get it going but I believe it would work out very well for the entire country and so perhaps white man in this country can stop his bitchin about how the natives freeload of the taxpayers in this country when it was us who taught them to do this.
They have the native lands to grow on and perhaps we could even free up more land for them if the land is being productive and makes money for them and our country.
They once lived off the land more so than we ever did and so why not them do it again in a scence by allowing them the industry and allow them to supply us with the hemp to use and build with.
As a marijuana smoker all I want is the right to grow and smoke my own weed without pretending I am sickly and need it to survive but instead smoke it because this is what god wanted of me to use to keep healthy.
So why would I or you care as A Canadian who it is that gets to grow it,others may aswell but let it be the natives who are the main growers and even other spinoff industries.
When hemp is legal and perhaps I may grow hemp in my yard to help pay for my yearly property taxes and so it will be the natives I bring my hemp to for payment.

Mexico could put to work all those who deal in drugs growing and collecting hemp/cannabis to make things and use themselves and they too would feel the riches of the hemp plant.
Hemp/cannabis is for the people,all people not just the rich who controll the worlds resources,hemp belongs in the hands of the people and so lets return it to the hands of the people where it belongs and let's legalize it quickly is how I see it Mexico.
It is that country that lays between us Mexico that bring us all down and prevents us from living in peace and harmony in the grace and glory of the devine and heavenly hemp/cannabis plant.

If I were the leaders of the native peoples of this country I would be trying to convince all natives they should not listen to white mans laws and grow and use hemp/cannabis as they please as they once did.
They may not have grown hemp but they used the land they way they saw fit so why not do it again and grow hemp, native people of Canada,go for it.
It is time for the people to stop dieing for this industry and start living for it instead.
Allways remember god loves you but loves you more when you use the cannabis plant ,thats the way I see it because only the devil would tell you otherwise.



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RE: Our 'war on drugs' has been an abysmal failure. Just look at Mexico - persecuted in alberni - 09-13-2010, 11:36 PM

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