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Patent: Method of Gravity Distortion and Time Displacement
09-27-2010, 06:46 PM,
RE: Patent: Method of Gravity Distortion and Time Displacement
i dont think it unifies them as such as gives behaviour to already "discovered" forces.

Its not unifying them as you can have an electron on its own, it still has mass. the electromagnetic spectrum is a group of behaviours along a much larger spectrum in my mind. Space and time are closely related. I dont think of gravity as a force at all, thus not needing a sub-particle.

Its a bit like computing in the sense that a low-level programmer has no need to know binary in order to make a program.
It runs on binary but there is no real corelation from our perspective to the 1s and 0s.

The same can be said for space. The idea that electromagnetism is more powerful than gravity is a misinterpretation of what's happening. To describe this claim one would get a pin, a magnet and pick up the pin from the floor. it manages to stop the pin sticking to the huge "gravitational force" of the planet. I think this assumption is incorrect. to counter this i can simply hold the magnet above my head and look at the pin. its still on the ground. The strength of electromagnetism is only down to its relativity. mass has the same approach. I consider the behaviour of the electron different to the neutron and protons. there are others but i would concentrate on them more as they are the most "obvious" particles and i think they hold the key.

Electrons travel easily though space compared to the nucleus particles. It causes less interference through space and as such can be held close to a nucleus simply as they have a higher relative mass. If you consider this on a planetary level it can be the same. massive relative orbits for what is there. The speed is what makes this possible to "beat gravity" but only on the small level.

The reason the pin is held so easily against gravity compared to the magnet is simple. The pin is the active element too. objects fall the same acceleration no matter what so the pull must be different depending on the mass, in fact in line with the mass.


For me trying to find more particles is like trying to find the twister inside the hurricane inside the tropical storm. Instead of blaming the weather.........anyone get me?

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