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What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
09-26-2010, 08:16 PM,
RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters?
(09-26-2010, 02:06 PM)FastTadpole Wrote:
Quote:Yes there sure are pros and cons on prop 19,and i find it hard to believe my government wants to label us all sicklies just so we can smoke it and at the same time controll it all aswell.

Don't be so quick to compromise. Read a bill before throwing your weight behind it. Don't assume anything. If you need help interpreting it, ask.

What I am saying fast is that currently the only way to smoke it and use it in a legal manner is to come up with an ailment so I can get an ok from my doctor.
I see alot of people with compassion cards and I am aware that the ailment they have is so low of an ailment I think it is bullshit and simply just a bullshit reason to get a card.
I could come up with an ailment too that if brought to the right doctor I could get my card too but I refuse to allow my government to make me stoop that low as to bullshit my way into being label as one with ailments.
I am healthy because I smoke cannabis and doctors are well aware that the cronic dopers have a habit of avoiding visits to the doctor because there is no need to see one.
It should be legal to smoke it to stay healthy never mind legalizing it for all the sick ones.
When just the sick ones can grow and smoke it and be free of persecution then everyone will become sicklies so they can live free of persecution.

I refuse to allow the man to force me to pretend I am sick and weak to stand tall and proud as a Canadian citizen and freely smoke my weed.

What I am saying is all that medical marijuana thing is nothing but bullshit but at the same time if it is how we get out foot in the door to legalizing then I guess that's the way it is.

I honestly do believe it is our right as human beings to use and consume the plant that has shown itself as the worlds #1 renewable resource and healer of many ailments without fear of persecution and any thing/force/group that tries to stop this should be annihilated for the sake of mankind.

You see fast people like you need to understand that cronics like me have been smoking it for thirty years and have had plenty of time to grow my own aswell.
At the same time in all those many years as a cronic if one chooses not to use violence or do no other crimes and hurts no one and I could have even been going to church faithfully every sunday for those thirty years I smoked it.
I could have saved lives or perhaps just simply be a good person and perhaps volunteer for your community in all those years and still it don't mean shit in the eyes of the government and the law that we are expected to believe in and obey.
I could have saved a thousand lives in my life and still in the eyes of my government and the laws and yes you MR HARPER I am a scum sucking low life piece of shit that should be thrown in jail for 18months because I made some pot cookies.
I am a criminal in the eyes of mr Harper and all his sick evil supporters who wish to imprison us all regaurdless of our achievemnets and or who we are.
So prop 19 means shit to me fast is what I am saying,I hope you do understand what I am saying and if you don't ,feel free to ask for help


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RE: What's the matter with Marc Emery supporters? - persecuted in alberni - 09-26-2010, 08:16 PM

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