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Mumbai 26/11 Was A False Flag Attack Led By US Spy David Headley

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Mumbai 26/11 Was A False Flag Attack Led By US Spy David Headley
07-09-2010, 12:52 AM,
Mumbai 26/11 Was A False Flag Attack Led By US Spy David Headley
Yes, Conspiracy Theorists, Mumbai 26/11 Was A False Flag Attack Led By US Spy David Headley

The Mumbai 26/11 Attacks were directed by Pakistan. David Headley planned the Mumbai Terror Attacks for more than two years. Headley worked with agents of Pakistan’s, secret service, the ISI. Headley also joined the ISI sponsored terror group Laskar-e-Taibai , (L-e-T). Headley’s "cover" was an "immigration service business" in Chicago, owned by co-conspirator Tahawwura Hussain Rana. This business provided the means to forge travel documents and smuggle other terrorists from country to country. Headley frequently traveled to Mumbai to plan the attacks by paramilitary murderers. He scouted the targets and was in Karachi during the attack. But David Headley also had been an agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency. His ability to travel freely and train with L-e-T has raised suspicion about Headley being a CIA agent. The Mumbai attacks were certainly a False Flag operation, the blame initially going to another "Al Qaeda" affiliate L-e-T. But the attackers were from Pakistan, assisted by the Pakistan military and ISI. David Headley and his involvement in 26/11 is being concealed by Pakistan and by the US Government.

The question is, who is David Headley/Daood Gilani, CIA Spy, Al Qaeda Spy, L-e-T Spy or ISI Spy?

In 1960 Headley was born Daood Gilani, in Washington DC, the son of a Pakistani employee of Voice of America, and American mother. Voice of America was another branch of the CIA, broadcasting US propaganda. He was raised in Pakistan and attending a military school, with Rana until 1977, when his mother brought him to Philadelphia. His mother, Serrill Headley was quoted as saying,

In Pakistan, men own the children. There are no rights for women.

McClatchy reported on his early life, that Headley was a longtime junkie and was arrested twice for dealing heroin.

New details are emerging about the strange double life of Gilani/Headley, the son of a Pakistani broadcaster and a Main Line socialite who would spend evenings holding court and drinking splits of champagne in her bar, the Khyber Pass.
He was briefly married to a Philadelphia woman in the 1980s whom he met at the bar, who, like a lot of other young women, was mesmerized by his dark skin and piercing eyes — one blue, the other brown.

He later became a heroin addict, and twice was caught smuggling the drug into the country by the DEA, in 1988 in Frankfurt, Germany, and in 1997 in New York. Both times, he got off with a lighter sentence by testifying against his partners.

Headley spent six months in prison before being released to work as a DEA informant. His probation was also ended early, just after the 9-11 attacks. He then traveled to Pakistan to train for months with the terrorist group L-e-T.

Headley began serving his 15-month sentence at Fort Dix in November 1998. But within six months, records show, Headley was out of jail and headed to Pakistan for a monthlong trip — all with the approval of a federal judge and the Department of Justice. The original sentence called for Headley to remain on probation five years, until mid-2004.

But at the end of 2001, his attorney and the prosecutor together asked the judge to end his probation early. The judge agreed. "Eight or nine times out of ten, when you see a scenario like that, it’s because he’s cooperating or being rewarded for past cooperation," said former federal prosecutor Rocco Cipparone. "If he’s still an informant, it makes it easier for everyone — for example, you don’t need the court’s permission to travel."

Less than 60 days later, the FBI now alleges, Headley was back in Pakistan, this time doing more than dealing drugs: He was training with the terrorists. The U.S. government alleges that Headley attended camps of Lashkar-e-Taiba, "The Army of the Good," in February and August 2002 and three times in 2003.

Headley received military training from L-e-T. But L-e-T was a creation of the Pakistan government, trained and supplied by Pakistani military officers. There is not much of a public record for Daood Gilani until 2006 when he officially changed his name and got a Passport with the name David Headley. He began frequent trips to India, recording on video, targets for terrorism. This includes locations in Mumbai that were later attacked. His partner Rana was in Mumbai a few days before 26/11. Rana’s role remains murky, although Rana seems to be part of the L-e-T network. Rana’s travel agency, which employed Headley, could have provided Headley and other terrorists with false travel documents.

Headley posed as an American Jew while making video recordings of targets in Mumbai. Headley had lived in Mumbai long enough to find a "wife", although he apparently has a wife and four children in Chicago. His Mumbai "wife" has vanished. His behavior was unusual enough, that he was called "Agent Headley" by a Bollywood actor he met at a gym.

After leaving India, Headley would then travel to Pakistan, before returning to Chicago. To add to this spy story, Headley has a prominent family in Pakistan. The father of Headley/Gilani, Syed Salim Gilani had remarried, and eventually became an "eminent broadcaster" and "Director General of Radio Pakistan". Headley’s half brother Danyal Gilani is the "PRO", the press spokesman for the Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. It is even been suggested that they are distantly related to the Prime Minister. Headley’s activities in Pakistan are not known. Press reports from India claim Headley was in a L-e-T command center, helping to direct the murders on 26/11. The US Government has not confirmed or denied this sensational claim.

2. MUMBAI 26/11
On the evening of Nov. 26, 2008, at least ten, highly trained Pakistanis landed in Mumbai. These paramilitary killers were trained in Pakistan by Pakistani military officers and had traveled from Karachi to southern Mumbai. The terrorists may have had access to the freighter, "MV Alpha" but that has not been confirmed. The only survivor of the terrorists, Ajmal Amir Kasab, claimed to have traveled on a vessel called "Al Husseini".

The terrorists hijacked a fishing trawler, the "Kuber" after killing the crew. They landed with weapons, commando style in a rubber dinghy, near "The Gateway Of India" in southern Mumbai. Their attacks against civilians and police also showed military training. During their 60 hour murder spree in India’s largest city, they brutally killed more than 160 people and wounded more than three hundred with AK-47’s and grenades, and explosives. Nine of the ten terrorists were killed and the shock of the attack greatly increased tensions military and otherwise between India and Pakistan. The attack was initially blamed on Lashkar-et-Taibai, another Al Qaeda "affiliate" terrorist group with ties to Pakistan’s ISI and the US CIA.

A British documentary "Dispatches: Terror in Mumbai" describes in depth these bloody murders as the murderers are instructed by the "controllers". This was a sophisticated attack that used GPS, and VOIP real time communication. They were possibly assisted by other L-e-T agents in Mumbai. They were targeting US and British citizens at the hotels they attacked but most victims were killed randomly. Six US citizens were killed. The planning for this attack was detailed. The Mumbai attackers were directed at every step of their murder spree by cell phone and VOIP from co-conspirators in Pakistan.

The first attack was at a popular cafe, with grenades and automatic weapons killing customers. Ajmal Kasab, who was later captured and another gunman strolled through the Mumbai Train Station mowing people down with AK -47’s. A Jewish Center was attacked and hostages were taken and then killed. Two of the largest hotels were attacked with the coldblooded killers shooting anyone in sight. Two bombs with timers were left in taxi cabs killing more innocent people.

This was a deadly and effective display of violence. It was expected that all ten murderers would sacrifice their lives and become martyrs for their cause. Nine were killed but unfortunately for L-e-T and Pakistan, there was one survivor, Kasab. Plus, these ten apparently uneducated and poor villagers mainly from the Punjab area, left lots of physical evidence.

The Indian Secret Services apparently outfoxed the Pakistan ISI spies. The Indian Secret Service RAW was monitoring the L-e-T command center. SIM cards for cell phones had been purchased through an Indian informer, phones that supported the relatively new VOIP. Indian "Signals Intelligence" had prepared to monitor these calls over the internet. The calls were traced to the Pakistan military facility, the SCO. The calls to Pakistan were recorded and these conversations are dramatic as serial murderers discuss their next victims. The Indian Government later asked the US for voice recordings of Headley and asked Pakistan for recordings of various Pakistan ISI officers, to compare to their 26/11 recordings.

The attackers were able to elude detection because of detailed knowledge provided by Headley and perhaps other accomplices. Many of the events raised all sorts of suspicions. There was knowledge of important officials at the hotels that were attacked. It was claimed that two US Intelligence Officers were victims. Because Headley posed as a Jewish American and a Jewish Center was attacked, there were accusations against Mossad without much evidence, by some Indian Muslims. But the improbable killing of the Mumbai ant-terror chief was likely a result of inadequate training and equipment of the Mumbai Police, who were outgunned by AK-47’s and grenades.

Some Mumbai police were reluctant to confront an unknown force who had superior firepower. But as many as 20 policemen were killed. The Anti-Terror Squad Chief Hemant Karkare had pursued the gunmen down a street, but their backup failed to arrive and support him. Karkare’s police van was ambushed by Kasab and his leader "Ismail" and Karkare was killed, along with two other police officials. There has been much debate about this incident. Karkare had discovered evidence of "Hindu Extremists" who were committing their own terrorist murders and bombings, then blaming and framing muslims.

Kasab was captured alive after killing dozens of people. The rest of the attackers were killed, battling Indian security police. Within a few days, Kasab made a confession, with a detailed description of his family, from the town of Faridkot, near Multan Pakistan. The Pakistan government quickly relocated his large family. He claimed to have been sold to L-e-T by his father. He was promised financial rewards for his family after his martyrdom. Kasab described his training in Battal Pakistan by L-e-T. By killing as many people as possible, the Mumbai Attack was meant to be a "9-11" type event against India.

During a widely publicized trial, Kasab pleaded guilty. Then, as if Pakistan could not be humiliated more, the Indian government released the tape recordings of the L-e-T and ISI controllers. Pakistan denied everything but India had eleven thousand pages of evidence, including IP addresses. A version of India’s evidence, the "Dossier" has been archived in several PDF files.The FBI also helped in following the trail that goes straight to the Pakistan government.

The document detailing the charges against Azam Amir Kasab, the sole gunman to be captured alive, accuses Colonel Saadat Ullah of helping to set up the phone network used by the terrorists to speak to their handlers during the attacks. It claims that the officer is part of the Pakistan Army’s Special Communications Organisation (SCO), an offshoot of the signals corps.

Col Ullah was traced using information partly supplied by the FBI, a senior police officer said.

According to police documents obtained by The Times, the ten Islamist militants who rampaged through Mumbai spoke to their handlers in Pakistan during the attacks via mobile phones connected to Callphonex, an internet telephony provider based in New Jersey. The militants’ Callphonex account was set up by an individual who identified himself as Kharak Singh, using the e-mail account kharak_telco@

Police claim that this e-mail account was accessed from ten different unique internet locations – or IP addresses – including one used by Col Ullah.

The success of these terror attacks depends critically on their sponsorship by governments that support terror. Saudi Arabia supports Al Qaeda and Pakistan supports the Taliban, L-e-T and other terror groups. Without the support of governments terrorists are merely common criminals. The 26/11 Controllers were protected by the government of Pakistan as they carried out murder 1000 miles away. They were cool, calm and brutal. They had sent young men to kill, as casually as the operators of Unmanned Armed Killer Drones. The conspirators of 26/11 mostly remain free in Pakistan, but some can be recognized by their voices. Initially, it was thought that perhaps Headley was one of the Controllers. Headley may have assisted, since some reports say he was at the Controller location. The transcripts speak for themselves.

Controller: Just shoot them now. Get rid of them. You could come under fire at any time and you risk leaving them behind.
Gunman: (Stalling) Inshallah. Although it’s quiet at the moment here.
Controller: No. Don’t wait any longer. You might never know when you come under attack. Just make sure you don’t get hit by a ricochet when you do it.
Gunman: Inshallah.
Controller: I’ll stay on the line. Go on! I’m listening. Do it!
Gunman: What, shoot them?
Controller: Yes. Do it. Sit them up and shoot them in the back of the head.
Gunman: (Still stalling) The thing is, brother Umer (the other gunman) is asleep right now. He hasn’t been feeling too well.
Controller: I’ll you back in a half hour and you can do it then, OK?
(An hour later)
Controller: Well?
Gunman: Please don’t be angry. I had to move things around a bit.
Controller: Have you done the job or not?
Gunman: I was just waiting for you to call so you could listen.
Controller: Do it in God’s name.
Gunman: Yes sir, hold on.
(Shots are fired)
Controller: That was one of them?
Gunman: Both. Together.

Headley has made a confession that was not been televised, as Kasab’s was. Headley was finally questioned by Indian investigators eight months after being arrested He admitted he helped direct the Mumbai attacks and other terror attacks. He also claimed to be in Karachi on 26/11.

‘Don’t delay the Mumbai operations,’ Lashkar-e-Tayyeba chief Hafiz Saeed told 26/11 plotter David Headley…

Headley told the sleuths the LeT had more plans to carry out terror strikes in India.

The NIA officers played out the recordings of conversations between the Mumbai terrorists and their handlers in Karachi, and Headley identified each one of the voices and gave graphic descriptions of their appearance and behaviour. He also identified them from photographs shown to him, some of them extracted from his computer by the FBI.

Abu Kafa, Sajid Mir and Abu Alkame were named as the three people instructing the terrorists on the phone during the attacks…

Headley himself wasn’t among the handlers, though he was in Karachi at the time of the attacks. Headley had video-graphed the targets but didn’t brief the attackers, sources said. He, however, did meet and talk to some of the terrorists — including Ajmal Kasab.

Headley had been paid $25,000 by L-e-T (PDF file), to plan the Mumbai attack. The US taxpayers have been supporting the Pakistan secret service ISI with hundreds of millions of dollars, and some of that money and aid went to support ISI terrorism against the US and allies. That support probably included the SCO high tech communications center in Pakistan that provided the VOIP connection for the 26/11 murderers. Headley admitted that ISI controlled L-e-T, at every step of the attack.

Headley, who is being interrogated in the US by a team of NIA officials, has said that the notorious ISI was engaged with the Lashkar commanders responsible for the 26/11 carnage at "each and every stage of the plot"…

Headley has mentioned serving officers of Pakistan army — Major Sameer Ali, Major Iqbal and Major Haroon — as those who collaborated with the Lashkar terrorists. Major Sameer and Major Iqbal figured in the dossier India gave to Pakistani foreign secretary Salman Bashir.

NIA’s sessions with Headley tally with what he is learnt to have told the FBI, including the crucial bit about Hafiz Saeed being in the loop through the plot.

The Department of Justice refused India’s request to extradite this accomplice to mass murder. Until recently, India was not even allowed access to Headley. After lots of pressure from India, the "intelligence community" let Headley be interrogated. This refusal to cooperate has damaged US prestige and popularity to the people of the world’s largest democracy.

The Mumbai terror attack left deep scars in the Indian public psyche. For the first time in recent years, the Indian public has closed ranks with prevalent opinion in Pakistan that sees the US as a diabolic, self-centered power, which double-crosses its partners, friends and allies in single-minded pursuit of its interests.

India’s investigators have released some of Headley’s testimony, unlike the US Government. Headley and L-e-T were controlled by ISI. Headley was in Karachi and may have been in the Controller Room. Previously he claimed ISI also had links to the Taliban and some of the 26/11 attackers may have trained in Afghanistan.

The direct involvement of Pakistan was quickly discovered by Indian investigators. The involvement of David Headley in terror attacks against India, apparently was discovered by the FBI at least a month before 26/11. IBNLive TV reported Headley and Rana were recorded by the FBI on Sept. 7, 2008, discussing other attacks against India. It was further claimed that the CIA had been suspicious of Headley for a year before 26/11. India was warned about an attack by sea against Mumbai about two months before 26/11. No information about Headley was provided to Indian authorities, even after his arrest.

Headley/Gilani was not arrested until his involvement in planning another terror attack was discovered last October, possibly due to British Intelligence. He pleaded Guilty to US criminal charges in March. It is not known who is paying Headley’s two lawyers.

Strangely enough, the Visa records of Headley and Rana are missing from the Indian Consulate in Chicago. No recent photos of Headley have been released. The extreme secrecy suggests that Headley is being protected because he is a US agent for the CIA. Perhaps our neo-con national security officials want to use Headley for another mission. It is known Headley was planning other mass murder missions, because his attorney Robert Seeder said so.

"His cooperation has potentially saved the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people."

But that cooperation did not prevent the terrorist bombing in a bakery, in Pune India. Seventeen people were murdered apparently by L-e-T, Headley had previously "cased" Pune for suitable targets.

“Headley is supposed to be cooperating with Justice,” said an American diplomatic official in Washington, referring to the Justice Department. “But our people did gulp after the bombs went off in Pune,” he said. “The question is whether Headley is really telling us everything he knows—if he’s holding something back.”

Headley may be holding something back about his unusual business practices, and short work days. Rana’s immigration business had an office in Mumbai.

“We now know Headley rarely used mobile phones and computers; but he did have a Tata Indicom landline number that he used while operating this immigration business. His mobile number is also with us and is leading us to some of his local contacts/acquaintances,” the source said.

Officially, Headley’s job was to facilitate US and Canadian visas for semi-skilled and unskilled workers. The investigators are trying to find out whether he had any contacts in local consulates.

Headley preferred to pay salaries, or make other payments, in cash. He rarely used banking channels and spent limited time at the office —“hardly two hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening”, the source said.

British spies claimed they discovered Headley was a terrorist criminal. Another story said Headley was arrested, due to a US "border inspector" who became suspicious of Headley’s travels. Headley had nothing to show he did any work for First World Immigration Service, the company set up by Headley’s partner Rana. It does seem peculiar that he did not pay income tax.

Agents searched Mr. Headley’s luggage and found it "contained no papers or other documents relating to such a business," according to court documents. They also searched tax records and found no record of income paid to Mr. Headley by the company, court records show

There is no evidence Headley had any business documents on any of his trips. His freedom to travel to terror camps is curious. The suspicious and secretive "travel agency" he worked for without paying income tax is only circumstantial evidence that Headley was a CIA spy, rogue or otherwise. He had certainly been a DEA spy, presumably working on stopping heroin smuggling from Pakistan. It could be the numerous Intelligence agencies were once again incompetent and unable to discover that Headley was a double agent. It could be the CIA was a willing participant in Headley’s activities because the neo-cons need more terror to justify the Global War On Terror.

With the billions of dollars of taxpayer money spent on war propaganda, it is notable how rare it is for officials to actually tell the American people why it is necessary for permanent wars. The CIA analyst Philip Mudd brags about how good a job the CIA does fighting an ideological war against AQ, and capturing David Headley, an L-e-T and Al Qaeda affiliate terrorist. This is a falsehood. Headley was an ISI terrorist for Pakistan. Mudd has used the Christmas Day Bomber and the Headley case as examples of how deadly the "Al Qaeda" threat is. This is pure lying propaganda. Abdulmutallab was escorted through airport security by some Al Qaeda double agent. "Intelligence officials" denied this despite witnesses claims. Mudd ignored that Headley was in fact a US agent for years. Either the counter-intelligence brainiacs failed to spot his AQ loyalties or the intelligence officials were assisting Headley in his terrorist work.

Mudd is an "analyst". But he fails to analyze the reason for anti-Americanism among Muslims. The crimes against Palestinians are supported by the US government. There are two military occupations of Muslim countries, with a legacy of the CIA and British Petroleum, destroying a secular, democratic Iran in 1953. Will the spies, banksters and corporations destroy democracy in the United States as they did in Iran?

But give some credit to the FBI, despite the "Wall" put in by neo-con Jamie Gorelick. This "Wall" allowed the intelligence agencies to conceal information from law enforcement agencies such as the FBI. Before 9-11, many of the 9-11 hijackers were investigated by FBI agents. These investigations were stopped by FBI supervisors who even punished the agents doing the investigating. Gorelick is now working for British Petroleum, whose oil volcano is currently destroying the Gulf of Mexico. Gorelick previously received $25 million for assisting the $9 billion fraud by "Fannie Mae". This is a pattern, where the neo-cons in the secret government receive rewards for their treason. Gorelick was also on the 9-11 Commission, protecting that coverup by concealing information such as her own conflict of interest when she protected Al Qaeda terrorists.

The FBI did reveal the bomb given to Abdulmutallab was from a Saudi Arabian Bombmaker. This information was quickly put behind the "Wall". and nothing else has been revealed. The FBI is credited by for many of the revelations about Headley, in India. The FBI assisted with tracing the Internet communications used by the Pakistan 26/11 controllers. In the US, this story has been ignored, especially that the Pakistan government is supporting the Taliban and L-e-T. Of course, Al Qaeda is just a branch of the Saudi Arabian secret police.

The "Wall" was extended by the Patriot Act, and puts all government agencies under control of a secret neo-con national security dictatorship. This parallel government agencies covers up secrets the American people are not allowed to know. It spies and intimidates honest government employees who might be tempted to tell the truth about corruption and misconduct.

The Department of Justice has a "National Security Division" to enforce the "Wall". David Kris is Assistant Attorney General for National Security, and similar to Mudd is a liar. Kris also referred to the Headley case and again ignored that this was a US government agent who went way past rogue. Kris also mentioned the East Africa Embassy bombings. But he neglected to mention the role of AQ double agent Ali Mohamed. Patrick Fitzgerald who handled the Ali Mohamed case, is in charge of the Headley Case. Except David Kris and his national security lawyers are really in charge (PDF).

The neo-cons have taken over national security institutions. That is not only the twenty or thirty government spy agencies, plus whatever privatized espionage corporations, taxpayers are supporting. Richard Scaife, Henry Kissinger, Peter Peterson, Richard Perle control the "Think Tanks", the Dee Cee phony corporate journalists, the "policy leaders" and "opinion makers". They set the agenda, control the debate, shut out any dissent, and protect the crimes and criminals behind the national security "Wall". The history of Al Qaeda and the Taliban is well documented and is officially behind the "Wall". The CIA employed Jihadists to put the Soviets into a quagmire in Afghanistan. Now the US is fighting that same loose confederation of Jihadists in two quagmires. Except our allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are supporting the Jihadists with US petrodollars and US taxpayer dollars.

The abuse of national security will lead to more dictatorship. The neo-cons keep adding to the list of forbidden topics that cannot be discussed. It is forbidden to discuss The Christmas Day Bomber, Ali Mohamed and Headley, other than using these criminals as excuses for more war. These jihadist successes were US intelligence failures, unless they were meant to be successful as a reason for more wars. But the wars are fraudulent, based on crimes, The Niger Forgeries, The Habbush Letter, False Confessions by Torture, Secret armies and Assassinations by "Contracters", the Cheney plan to murder US military and blame it on Iran for another War.

The real targets of our neo-con secret police is the American people and democratic institutions. The best way to fight terrorists is to release all information about them, especially their financing. Terrorists are common criminals who kill for money. The best anti-terrorist tools are a free press, and the Court Trials as specified in the Constitution, where evidence, witnesses, legal protections bring out actual facts. The neo-cons know this and are destroying the Constitution.
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