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The Psychology of Entheogens: An Exposition of the ‘Entheological Paradigm’
10-01-2010, 04:43 AM,
RE: The Psychology of Entheogens: An Exposition of the ‘Entheological Paradigm’
I'd really like to read the essay that this author is commenting on, as I find his/her interpretation of Terrence McKenna's phenomenology to be grossly inadequate. Having researched McKenna for years myself, before and after his untimely passing, I think that he (McKenna) would have much to say on this character's (psypressuk) interpretation.

My question is, is Martin W. Ball the author, or is this an exposition of his essay? I'd really like to read Ball's essay, as it seems from the quotes that he is not so dismissive of McKenna's experiences as 'psypressuk' is.

I have much love for McKenna, as a thinker and for the perspectives he shared with me, and I'll try not to let my particular emotions get in the way of this commentary.

McKenna was a die-hard rationalist, yet he left the unanswerable questions open to interpretation. There are many instances that I find myself disagreeing with him based on his hard-headed materialist perspective, but I don't think that he ever meant to posit an initial cause or a strictly solopsistic doctrine.


"What underpins the psychological analysis of McKenna’s DMT/5-MEO-DMT experiences is an authoritative assertion that, firstly, a certain phenomenological experience under the influence of these drugs occasions a metaphysical truth i.e. the existence of the God-self. Secondly, that this occasion can only be induced and translated authentically by an individual with the knowledge of how to do so."

I don't think McKenna would subscribe to this idea in the slightest.... Without quoting him, as most if his thoughts are in my mind and I recently sold all my books, I think he would be more of the perspective that these experiences are his way (ego) of relating to the overall mystery (god-self) without defining parameters as such.

The self-transforming machine elves might very well be a part of McKennas own ego as realistically as they are a part of the god-self. I don't think he makes this distinction...

( i didnt finish this post but i'm posting it anyways )


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