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Anthropogenic Global Warming - - Darius Alexander
06-25-2010, 11:42 PM,
Anthropogenic Global Warming - - Darius Alexander
In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented – The Scientific Outlook by Bertrand Russell

This post will be concise and to the point. The earth naturally experiences warming and cooling periods and the nature of the earth’s climate cycles are not significantly affected by humans. The global warming propaganda you hear everywhere is pushed by the same rich bankers that people think they are attacking. Of course pollution isn’t healthy and destroying natural habitats is not good, yet that’s not what we’re dealing with here. People think they can “stop global warming” by riding bicycles than driving cars in the vain attempt of conserving energy. Do these people have any idea how much energy is used just to power up the hadron colliders such as LHC/CERN? These hadron colliders blow away any conserved energy humans try to achieve by eating less meat (stupid, I know) or by turning off their computers.

This has turned into a RELIGION. Don’t be like gullible people who believe things without question. “Intelligent” people are no different either. Educated people are easier to control because they think their education they paid for is somehow “true.” They believe it whole-heatedly unfortunately. (Read the books by Bertrand Russell for more info on this)

The wealthy elites (read Ferdinand Lundberg’s Rich and the Super Rich) are pushing this ideology in order to unite Man into a new global village. Many of these carbon credit schemes are just new forms of taxes for them to make MORE PROFIT OFF OF YOU!

They already rape your labor with existing taxes. Do you want others to keep pushing you around, treating you as if you’re an idiot!?

Arm yourself with knowledge so you can be mentally aware when eco-fundamentalists come at your way with their usual propaganda.

* http://en.wikipedia....Richard_Lindzen
* http://www.greens.or...r/32/32-13.html

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Anthropogenic Global Warming - - Darius Alexander - Darius - 06-25-2010, 11:42 PM

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