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Don't Talk Out Loud or Voice Opinions

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Don't Talk Out Loud or Voice Opinions
05-12-2010, 12:25 AM,
Don't Talk Out Loud or Voice Opinions
I had a very interesting experience this morning and thought I would share it with the board.

Since having my conversation at work about what a true manchurian candidate was (see my post in Velvet Glove), there were a few people who overheard that conversation and what came out of that experience is still making itself known.

One of the guys who heard that conversation is a like minded individual who keeps pretty much to himself and observes more than participates. He told me that he is particular about who he takes into his confidence. I can appreciate that attitude.

This guy comes up to me last night and asked me how long I had been here and how long was I planning on staying. My answer was that as long as the hours are good and the money is right I'll hang around. He told me that he was going down this morning to get his license renewed and wanted to know if I wanted to tag along to see how the most updated license bureau operates, that I might be surprised. I didn't have anything pressing so I said sure, why not.

The place opens at 8:30 and there is already a group forming outside the outer area (foyer) into the parking lot. Must have been about 25-30 people there and it was only 8:15. So we walk up to the group and since there wasn't any distinct formation of the line (couldn't tell where the end really was) I walk up and stand where I think is ok. Some woman looks at me like she wanted to kill me and said "You need to go to the END OF THE LINE". I looked at her and said if I knew where it was I would. She pointed us towards the end. She was very intense.

Of course they aren't going to open the door one milli-second before their clock says 8:30. Once they drift towards the door and get everyone excited about getting in (you would think it was the day after Christmas sale at Walmart) they hold the line back and start telling each and every person where they are to go and what to do. I thought that was odd.

Once everyone was sent to where they were supposed to be business began for the day. The place had a very specific government feel to it. The workers were robotic and had no sense of humor that they were aware of. No one operated outside the grid. Kinks in the system were not tolerated. It was very dark in there with the most annoying music you could imagine being played (crappy top 40 that everyone hated when it came out and is still hated today).

As we were told which worker to go to I was noticing what others were doing. I noticed that the Oberfuhrers (stupidvisors) were walking around with severe attitudes working. One man next to us was trying to get his license changed over from another state and he didn't have a social security card BUT DID HAVE A GOVERNMENT ID - the Oberfuhrer told him specifically that he must have exactly what the paper stated. He said that his employee number was his social and it was a government ID. She glared at him until he acquiesced.

The paperwork that they want is ridiculous. You MUST have a Social Security card regardless. They want mail from your present address. One man offered up a bank statement still sealed in the envelope. They made him open it and take it out. The worker bee wasn't sure about that, so she calls over the Oberfuhrer and the Oberfuhrer looks at the statement, looks at him, looks at the statement and lets the statement drift out of her hand to the desk and nods a weak approval and walks away. I wondered if it is more about how they feel about you than the paperwork.

The room was filled with at least 15 stalls of workers. Some to give tests, some to take paperwork, some to renew, some to issue. A regular cattle call. With a waiting pool in the middle of the room.

While we were going through the process of renewing my co-workers license, there was an issue with his address. He had moved and didn't update and they wanted the same paperwork as if he was applying for a new license. He was going to have to come up with 2 pieces of mail plus a rental agreement WITH THE ADDRESS present on it. They emphasized that part.

Getting out of line for something like that and then going back through the line is standard procedure with most everything. But most of the people there were jealous of their place in the process and very guarded. I felt this was unusual. There was an air of uptightness here and very uncomfortable. Even the worker bees were wrapped pretty tight.

Anyway, we have to leave and go get the paperwork and come back. Once we are back and in the waiting pool something happens that caught me by surprise.

All of a sudden this black guy who is seated at one of the worker bee's stalls starts shouting and stands up. He is talking loudly enough for EVERYONE to hear him clearly. He is talking about how F'ed up the system is and how F'ed up the License Bureau is and the people working there are F'ed up and on and on and on dropping the F Bomb every other word.

He is walking towards the door talking about how the place needs to be "eliminated". But he didn't use that word. He used words that got the cops called out. I'm not repeating the words here but lets say he was indirectly referencing the Times Square guy and you could see the worker bees all picking up the phones to call the same place, the cops.

Obviously this guy's friend told him the cops were being called and the guy comes back in the building and looks the Oberfuhrer in the eye and ANNOUNCES to her and everyone "Call the police bitch!, F U". And he walks out and goes wherever.

Well a few minutes later the cops roll in and the Oberfuhrer hands him a piece of paper and the cop leaves. What she did was print out the guys personal information and handed it over without hestitation. So needless to say the cops would be waiting for the guy at his crib.

The way the whole thing went down was scary and enlightening. The guy was upset, I could see why from what I was seeing with others and what I had been told. He was frustrated and angry with a system that is just getting going good. I felt for the guy. I felt like standing up and agreeing with him. But I knew what the outcome would be. The funny thing was that when the cops left the worker bees started giggling about the black guy which I thought was strange. It sounded strange, it looked strange.

I have gotten my license many, many times in my life but I have never experienced anything this intense before. It was straight out of the Twilight Zone.

What I came away with was that out of all the people that I saw there I saw many Mexicans and a few Indians (East) and a fair share of white and blacks. But the Mexicans seemed to move through easier than everyone else. I asked my co-worker about this and he told me that they never have much problem (if any at all) because when they get here they have every piece of paper that they will need to get what they need to get. They are already prepared, BUT that paperwork is very expensive for them and they have to work to pay for it. I knew about the paperwork and the cost to the illegal already.

But what amazes me is that the Mexicans cross over and have a pack of papers ready for them that are all TECHNICALLY in order. We as Americans can't seem to get our papers in order - why is this? Why is our own system and country so confusing to us and foreigners just breeze through it and have no trouble? I find it amazing and I saw it in action this morning.

My co-worker told me that he thought I would find that experience fascinating but didn't bank on the floor show. I told him I could clearly see how things are moving in the "papers please" direction and that the picture is coming into sharper focus.

What the worker bee's were doing with everyone including my co-worker was that all the paperwork that was being used to securing and renewing licenses were being photocopied and the copies kept on file. Licenses are mailed within 7-14 business days to the home addresses. My co-worker told me that what they are doing is running all the names as they come in to see what if anything the person has done or if there are wants and warrants or anything else on the perp. Might as well call the people "perps" since they are being treated that way. I told my co-worker that I did not envy him in the least or any of these people. I actually felt sorry for them.

The whole experience took about 2.5 hours

This was in no way a friendly experience. This is Indianapolis.

Wonder if anybody else out there is noticing this same thing going on where they live?
Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats. H. L. Mencken


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