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Obama admin. is now trapped in an endless cycle of drugs and death in Afghanistan
04-03-2010, 06:24 PM,
RE: Obama admin. is now trapped in an endless cycle of drugs and death in Afghanistan
It all comes down to the cannabis no matter what the problemn it all starts with cannabis,legalize it or narmalize it is what i call it since in cannabis or hemp was once a NORMAL way of life.

The banning of marijuana is at the root of all evils,it is the base for which all crime starts.

The world must wake up to the evils of what the dea and cia are all about,they are not there for the people they are there to spread evil and they should be stopped.

The whole world knows the marijuana laws are nothing but bullshit but they seem to be affraid to expose the criminals that set out to lie to us all about why marijuana is banned in the first place.

We all no america is famous for telling us drugs are bad and then secretly flood the streets with shitty drugs.

Believe it or not,planting cannabi/hemp whereever it will grow is what will save the entire planet.

Why grow poppies when you can grow hemp, better yet why grow poppies when you can build factories that make textiles and clothes and furnature made from hemp.?

Obama told us so much about CHANGE when it was election time but the fact is nothing has changed,only the coulour of the puppet they use has changed.

When i saw all that bullshit on the news about CHANGE made me laugh and I said yes change means im gonna grow hemp in my back yard to use anyway i see fit.

Change ment I am going to grow my marijuana in a green house or under light or out in the open in my back yard instead of buying it from members of organized crime so when I am sitting back smokin a joint watchin the news I won't have to feel quilty when i see all the deaths amoung our youth gangs and organized crime members.

I will no longer feel guilty for all those thosands of innoccent mexicans who die every year because the evil man won't let us grow our own herb oin our own yards/homes.
I will know i have done what i can to use the plant god wanted us to use instead of oils and fossil fuels and and chemicals the evil man wants you to use.

It is only when we say NO TO AMERICA and their sick evil drug policies and GROW GROW GROW all the cannabis we can and it is then that we are one step closer to healing this sick planet we have infested with nothing but greed and corruption.

It is only then that we can say we have changed,so far any political platform to use the word CHANGE is a good way to meet the hangmans noose after all you tell me with what was just explained by h3rm35 do you think thins have changed?.

Nothing will EVER change untill hemp is growing freely everywhere because all the drugs and money start with marijuana,only lucifer himself could have thought up such a grand plan.

good thread h3rm35

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RE: Obama admin. is now trapped in an endless cycle of drugs and death in Afghanistan - persecuted in alberni - 04-03-2010, 06:24 PM

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