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How the DEA Scrubbed Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Poppy Garden from Public Memory
09-01-2010, 08:35 AM,
RE: How the DEA Scrubbed Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Poppy Garden from Public Memory
Quote:Opium and opium poppy ignorance is augmented by widespread false beliefs, chief among them that it is extremely difficult for opium poppies to grow anywhere in the United States.

Myth debunked emphatically:

Quote:RCMP score massive opium poppy drug bust in Chilliwack BC, CANADA
By Tamara Baluja, The Province August 27, 2010

Chilliwack RCMP say they have made the “largest opium poppy drug bust” in Canadian history.

Two men were arrested Monday after they were found working in a seven-acre field in west Chilliwack filled with 60,000 poppy plants.

Cpl. Lea-Anne Dunlop said the opium was intended to be made into doda — an opiate used by some South Asians — and gives a relaxing high similar to heroin.

Surrey-Newton MLA Harry Bains has been aware of the doda usage among South Asian immigrants for several years now and has actively spoken out against it.

“This drug is tearing apart the South Asian community,” Bains said. “I’ve had wives calling me who are very worried and knew their husbands were hooked on opium.”

Taxi cab drivers, construction workers, truck drivers and youth are just some of the subjects of the complaints that Bains has heard of. But he added that the use of doda has “never been socially acceptable in the South Asian community.

“About two years ago, about a dozens stores [in Surrey] were openly selling it over the counter,” Bains said, adding that RCMP were unfamiliar with doda at the time.

“Now, it has gone underground after the police have started putting heat on the issue.”

Although police refuse to comment on the ethnicity of the persons facing charges, a picture posted on the RCMP website shows officers talking to a man in handcuffs, who appears to be South Asian.

“This is a significant seizure,” said Cpl. Kurt Bosnell of the Chilliwack RCMP drug section. “There’s very few instances where this has occurred in Canada before so it took some time in order to confirm exactly what [the plant] was.”

Doda is made by grinding the dried seed pod of the opium poppy into a fine brownish powder.

“It is often taken with tea or hot water, and produces a quick high followed by a sense of well-being,” Cpl. Dunlop said.

Police were tipped off that opium was being grown in that field. Bosnell said there was “a lot of pressure” on his team to identify the plants — with their distinctive pink and purple flowers — and to clear the field before the poppies matured and began spreading their seeds throughout the region.

A local farmer was contracted by police to destroy the plants and ensure they do not return next year.

In the past, police said RCMP in B.C. have seized doda that was imported and then sold in various ethnic markets in Surrey.

“We also did our research and found that there have been cases where opium was being produced in someone’s backyard, but nothing on this commercial scale before,” Cpl. Dunlop said.

The names of the suspects have not been released, but police said they are a 24-year-old man from Mission and a 31-year-old man from Abbotsford.

Their names cannot be released until the men are formally charged, but Dunlop said police are recommending charges of production of a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking a controlled substance.

They have been released on a promise to appear in court Dec. 14.

Police said the two men were allegedly leasing the farm from the owner who was not involved in the production. Police said they have spoken to the owner but would not name him to ensure his privacy.

“Based on the stages of the growth of the opium poppy plants, we can say they’ve been there for at least a month or two,” Dunlop said.

A spokesperson for the RCMP Federal Drug Enforcement program said the large-scale nature of the grow-op suggests the presence of organized crime.

“For one or two people, it would be very difficult for them to harvest” seven or more acres, said Staff Sgt. Dave Goddard, adding that an operation of this scale needs investors, farmers, manufacturers and distributors.

Another police officer said growing opium poppy is very labour intensive.

“It takes a lot of work and organized crime only cares about their profit margins,” said Const. Michael McLaughlin, adding that opium is traditionally grown in such countries as India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, where cheap labour is available.

“There is some speculation that the growers thought that the opium wouldn’t be readily noticed compared to marijuana, which is definitely recognized and known to be illegal,” he said.

McLaughlin added the two arrested men knew their operation was illegal.

To view the RCMP’s two videos related to the incident, click here to watch them.

Seems pharma has cornered the market they :

Opium is the source of many opiates, including morphine, thebaine, codeine, papaverine, and noscapine. ~wiki

I've seen the 'legalize it' movement for other drugs including mushrooms, weed and even ibogaine take a turn for big pharma to be the exclusive (legal) provider via pills, derivatives and gov't/pharma sold, distributed and sanctioned medical use purposes. I expand on this theory and tie it in with the agenda to introduce a digital currency in this post.

Pharma is also gradually being given immunity to prosecution recourse for illness and death.

Big Pharma May be Handed Blanket Immunity for All Drug Side Effects, Deaths

They cite that it was being produced for doda (opium tea) in the MSM article but it comes from opium poppy husks - same plant used for heroin, codine etc. Still not quite outright revealing that the shit grows more prolifically than the public is led to believe. The article also discourages the idea that may have formed in a savvy (but lazy) mind by slipping in a few paragraphs on how difficult opium poppies are to grow.

Doda (also called dode) is a greyish powder derived from opium poppy husks. It is prepared in a similar manner as an herbal tea and is often taken with tea or water. It is said to and produces a quick high followed by a sense of calm. ~wiki
There are no others, there is only us.

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