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Cars [the New Kids Movie]
07-10-2007, 04:07 AM,
Cars [the New Kids Movie]
Quote:wait wait wait! :biggrin:
ok, i just saw this movie, and we have watched it several times!
i agree that this movie has absolute brainwashing in it, (at many different levels) but i disagree that pixar is trying to use that scene as a technique! in fact, i believe it's pixars way of telling adults in the audience that they are awake! kinda poking fun at the stupid! :rolleyes:

everyone knows that Old school disney threw in lots of quick perverted or interesting subliminals in their animations....and if you don't know, ask! :wink:
stuff that if you blink, you miss...which i can't say is always "brainwashing" b/c most of it i think goes unnoticed. well this shot is one of those.... there's all kinds of stuff happening on the screen, and this is just a detail that first you must catch, but then also understand..... if you DON"T understand it, your NOT GOING to catch it!

little about the movie for those who haven't seen it.... the shot of the green car that i'm about to show you is the the "enemy / bad guy / loser character".... :smile: ... all the race cars are covered with the stickers of their sponsors and those who OWN them.... the sponsor for the green car is HTB..... i would guess even that most people didn't even catch that.... or perhaps think nothing of it, though it's shown to you over and over through out the flick...

what i'm getting at, is there is one scene in the beginning, dagnabit, i didn't remember to check the time... but maybe 10 minutes in.... where they show you all the race cars... kind of going through their character...
and then they come to the green car.... and if you blink you miss it.... but here it is!

HTB = Hostile Takeover Bank! :crazy:

[Image: carsforconceners.jpg]

[Image: cars2.jpg]

another reason why i'm convinced that the pixar crew is maybe paying attention is because.... disney hands them the script and says "do this"....
in the other quick disney artist out of 100's would slip "what ever they chose" into the background.... and more like.... got away with it! This piece from Pixar is in the "character design" it's self!!! that means it was done maybe 100 times before EVERYONE decided that that's the one!!! They are speaking to the clever IMO! :smile:

yes i agree that this movie teaches kids to be followers and belligerently disrespectful.... but there are beacons of hope in this movie also... like that one!
people are waking up like wild fire! artists could be quiting their jobs at disney or pixar this very moment because of their awakening and not wanting to be a part of the corporate scum empire network! you never know! But i give 2 thumbs up for who ever though of, and went through with the HTB idea in this movie! There had to be a handful of folks in on it... :smile:

Well spotted! You're right, optimism!

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