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New Research: Fluoride Damages Children's Liver And Kidneys
08-24-2006, 07:17 AM,
New Research: Fluoride Damages Children's Liver And Kidneys
Tuesday August 22, 8:13 am ET

NEW YORK, Aug. 22 /PRNewwire/ -- Fluoride in drinking water damages children's liver and kidney functions, according to a new study in "Environmental Research"(1), reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF).

Xiong and colleagues write, "Our results suggest that drinking water fluoride levels over 2.0 mg/L can cause damage to liver and kidney functions in children." Further, dental fluorosis (fluoride-discolored teeth) can be an indicator of kidney function harm, they report.

Researchers grouped 210 Chinese children (aged 10 - 12 years old) by drinking water fluoride levels (averaging 0.76; 1.47; 2.58; and 4.5l mg/L). Dental fluorosis rates, respectively, were 15%, 41%, 79% and 94%.

Blood serum and urine samples revealed:

-- fluoride levels increased as water fluoride levels increased

-- liver and kidney enzymes elevated, indicative of liver or kidney
damage, in children drinking water with over 2mg fluoride per liter.

-- liver function can be damaged without dental fluorosis

"Dose-effect relationship between water fluoride levels and damage to liver and kidney functions in animals has been reported," the authors write. However, this is one of the few to do so in humans. The liver and kidneys are especially susceptible to fluoride toxicity, they write.

Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President says, "2 mg fluoride daily is very often exceeded from food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and dental products. Clearly this is more evidence showing fluoridation is not only harmful, but unethical and immoral," says Beeber.

To prevent crippling skeletal fluorosis, the Environmental Protection Agency set 4 mg/L as the maximum fluoride contamination of drinking water. But this doesn't protect all Americans from all of fluoride's adverse effects, according to a recent National Academy of Sciences (NAS) fluoride panel(2)

After reviewing hundreds of studies over 3-1/2 years, at least three scientists on the NAS panel recommend water fluoride levels be lowered well under 1 mg/L -- the current level dentists claim is optimal to reduce cavities, and deliberately added to public water supplies.(3)

"Fluoridated water is also linked to thyroid dysfunction, bone damage and cancer in humans -- even at 1 mg/L," says Beeber. "Americans are guinea pigs for the country's failed fluoridation experiment."

More information about fluoride's adverse kidney effects here:

Contact: Paul Beeber, Esq., 516-433-8882,

Paul Connett, Ph.D, Retired Chemistry Professor Emeritus and

Executive Director, Fluoride Action Network, 315-379-9200






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