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Virginity And The Blood Covenant
10-01-2006, 10:32 AM,
Virginity And The Blood Covenant
Quote:<div align='center'>Virginity and the Blood Covenant by Bobby L.

This may be a good message for a young person entering puberty.

Everything that God does, He does with a purpose in mind. His purpose is often not
understood but He tells us not to lean to our own understanding but just trust Him with all
of our hearts. (Proverbs 3:5)

There is a reason that God wants a man and a woman to remain virgins until marriage and
it has to do with blood covenant relationships.

Blood covenants have always been the strongest types of contracts among men. When
Adam & Eve fell, God prepared for them coverings of animal skins. This involved the
shedding of the animals blood.

When God made His covenant with Abraham, he made the sign of this covenant with
circumcision, which involved the shedding of blood.

When God brought forth the law of Moses and the covenants therein, it involved the
shedding of the blood of the sacrificial animals.

Our new covenant with God through the offering of His Son Jesus could not be
completed without the shedding of His blood.

In recent american history we see the native americans entering into blood covenant
relationships by the cutting of their wrists and mingling their blood.

The strongest human covenant is the marriage of a man and woman. Does it make sense
that God would ordain a marriage covenant without the shedding of blood? No, God
placed that in His order as well.

A female has a genital tissue know as a hymen. The hymen is mainly composed of blood
and when ruptured the blood is expelled. This normally takes place during a female's first
encounter with intercourse. God specifically designed this tissue and placed it in it's
strategic position for a purpose.

Sexual intercourse has always been know as the consummation of the wedding covenant
between a man and a woman. When a virgin woman first has intercourse with her new
husband, the hymen is broken or ruptured and blood passes on to her husband's genital.
This signifies the blood covenant relationship that they entered into, "till death do us

Satan has naturally distorted this truth and deceived young people into thinking that
sexual intercourse is perfectly okay for the unmarried.

A virgin female should not allow herself to enter into intercourse unless she has made a
formal covenant with a man who is willing to lay down his life for her. A virgin male
should not allow himself to enter into intercourse unless he has made a formal covenant
with a female to lay his life down for her.

So what about those of us who have already disobeyed this truth? Even though we have
missed God's best for us, we still have His mercy and forgiveness to rely upon. We are
not condemned, but we have missed His best.

If young people had a clearer understanding of "Blood Covenant Relationships" there
would be much less promiscuity.</div>

This is all such BULLSHIT!!!

What if I SODOMIZE you and get blood on my penis HAHAHAH , what does this mean ? what kind of covenant is this?
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