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The Uppermost Limit

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The Uppermost Limit
10-04-2006, 10:54 AM,
The Uppermost Limit

"The ordinary man cannot suffer in the way a great man does. Suffering comes according to the degree of development. When you come to pass through the trials of Job, of Christ, you will attain a new concept of Life. If you do not pass through them, you will never come to grasp the secrets of Creation.

"Man has not yet reached the uppermost limits of suffering so that he may leave his human nature and become like an Angel.

"You need to pass through two conditions: the greatest sorrow and the greatest joy. After that you will come to understand the true inner meaning of Life. Finally you will come to that bliss where all things are harmonious. This cannot be explained in the human language.

"In Nature, one great Law rules: human souls develop through suffering, and through it they learn the great mysteries of Life. Every suffering is an open door through which one comes to know God. Without such sorrows, humankind would not be able to draw closer to God. This is the path on earth. The Angels draw close to God through Joy.

"The path of suffering is the one on which man walks in order to develop the Divine within himself. Through tribulations and trials, you will become humble so that you may see God. Only then can you comprehend His Greatness. You will come to realize that you are a wanderer on this earth who has come here to learn.

"A servant needs to serve a bad master in order to be able to appreciate the good one when he goes to him. Storms are needed to clear away the fog in you. Then the Sun will come to shine.

"When sorrow comes, transform it into virtue. He who has suffered a lot will become tender and virtuous. Without suffering, you can attain no tenderness or virtue. Through suffering, a man gradually changes and finally makes the choice to lead a pure and holy life."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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