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To The Shriners Illuminati Infedels!

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To The Shriners Illuminati Infedels!
10-20-2006, 02:12 AM,
To The Shriners Illuminati Infedels!
The Shriners,Freemasonry and Islam
Posted by me on Saturday, October 7, 2006 at 09:24AM by on my web site

To W.Bro.Julian F.Smith European representative of the Shriners

We also know that this society serves the aims of world Jewry and derives its name from that particular purpose. A “mason” is a builder, and the Society of Freemasons aims to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem after destroying Al-Aqsa Mosque because the Jews allege that the mosque has been built on the site of the destroyed temple. Everything that furthers the interest of the Jews and promotes their position in the world is undertaken by the society. The cover of absolute secrecy and its strict hierarchy enables it to make use of the positions and influence of its non-Jewish members to serve the Jewish cause. We have to understand that many of its members work for the society trusting that they only serve the causes of liberty, equality and justice. They remain unaware that they simply serve the cause of giving the Jews supremacy in world affairs. Freemasonry has over the years earned itself a number of enemies, most notably the Catholic Church. In view of all this, there is no doubt that if a Muslim joins the Society of Freemasons, he contravenes the teachings of Islam. The aims, policy and practices of this society are against the principles of Islam and violate its laws. For example, Islam believes in maintaining justice among all people, regardless of race, color, family, position or creed. A Muslim must be fair to all people. Islam forbids favoritism, nepotism and discrimination on any basis. Freemasons favor one another on the basis of membership of their society. Islam respects other religions. Freemasonry deceives its members into thinking that they further the cause of a better humanity when they are actually furthering the interests of those who seek to give the Jews supremacy over all peoples of the world. Islam is the final message from Allah to man. It is the religion that supercedes all past divine messages, including Judaism. Freemasonry seeks to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in its place. How can a Muslim, then, join such a society? Copyright 1992-2005 Al Jazeera Publishing, Dubai, United Arab Emirates AND WE HAVE CONFIRMATION OF THIS DANGEROUS OMEN 'It is no more a secret that the temple has been designed again in the USA by American Jewish architects. The blueprints are at the disposition of the Israeli government.' (France Agence Press, August 1997). WARNING "We dont need to build a new Temple of Solomon Brothers and Sisters there is already one there and its called the Al-Aqsa Mosque and we respect it as the true and ultimate manifestation of the One God in the Holy land".(Bro. Leo Lyon Zagami/Khaled Saifullah Khan)
TRUE FREEMASONRY Master D.K. says "...Mysteries will be restored to outer expression through the medium of the Church and the Masonic Fraternity...When the Great One comes with His disciples and initiates, we shall have the restoration of the Mysteries..." But at this point we want to answer to the reader what kind of Great One are we talking about here? The Antichrist or our Master Jesus?And what kind of mysteries?The false mysteries of a window Mason or the real and genuine believe in God of a true adept of True and Ancient Freemasonry? Things could get dangerous indeed for Freemasons worldwide if we dont clear this matter once and for all in front of the Islamic comunity in the near the future.Because it is our duty as genuine Brothers to save the soul of those true Freemasons that believe in the one God and the coming of our new Grand Master the Messiah that will finaly fullfil the long waited prophecies of a new Aeon for humankind. So we Brothers and Sisters of what I define as True Universal Freemasonry want to create a real and genuine UNIVERSAL UNITY that works out of the limitations of contemporary Freemasonry and restores the original mission of the true Illuminati and true servants of God,and that mission is the long awaited establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth not the kingdom of the AntiChrist but an Imperium of Tollerance,Peace and Truth, and the final destruction of Dajjal and all those evil forces that will folllow him untill the end of times. My life is dedicated to the restauration of true Brotherhood amongst humankind and I hope that all togheter we accomplish this important mission for humanity.But remember this is a delicate and dangerous mission my Brothers and Sisters of the Universal Unity because the time of Revelation is now and the AntiChrist is building up forces for the final confrontation. We are not willing to compromise with him and the return of True Freemasonry into this world ,and the Revelation of the true Illuminati depends on our mission to expose him and show to the world who this AntiChrist realy is. Glory to God almighty our final Judge, God our only True Master, G not D not Devil, Truth and light not darkness and oppression is what we want for the new Millenium the Age of Jesus the Emperor not Satan the pretender. May God show you the way to real enlightment dear Brothers and Sisters of Freemasonry in these last days before the big change takes place and the heads start rolling again in St.Peters Square with the return of the "Terrible Judge"... Terrible for the non believers the infedels that have not prepared for this moment of truth but Blessed for the faithfull and true believers of the religion of Islam that the converted Knights Templar that were burned and persecuted in their final days always revered and respected just like like St.Francis when he used to meet with the Sufi Masters. Because the real Knight Templars are not the evil Crusaders but true Muslim Brothers ready to protect and work for the true Jesus in the end of times and thats a fact not pure speculation as demostrated by recent discoveries of an archeological nature in Turkey and elsewere in the middle East. We our fed up of these continous lies in regards to the true nature of the founders of Freemasonry and we would like to reveal to our Muslim Brothers out there that our real founder was not some obscure European Aristocrat performing old pagan Rituals in his Castle (though a few did they were always a decadent minority) but our true Grand Master Enoch the High Priest of True Freemasonry the One they know in the Islamic religion as Idris and we are well aware of the possible Jewish limitations due their nature and the fact they still dont accept Jesus and Mohammed (PBUH) as their savours in the end of time, but things will possibly change in the mind of those Jewish Brothers and Sisters who understand were we are and were we are going next. What was created out of a compromise in 1717 when four Lodges came togheter in London to form the Grand Lodge of England is not True Freemasonry but a lower and often corrupted expression of the true Art (as we have stated in our 9 previous chapters dedicated to the study of True Freemasonry),and Jews were never allowed to join Prussian Freemasonry one of the hightest forms of European Freemasonry for example quile the English Masonic Network has always welcomed the Jewish Brethern from the early stages of Speculative or Modern Masonry and looked at important Jewish characters of their time like Dr.Falk as an ispiration, and we can notice this in the address made by the Illustrius Rosicrucian Freemason Bro.William Wynn Westcott to the Societa Rosicruciana In Anglia over a 100 years ago: "About fifty years earlier a certain eminent Jew named Falk,or Dr.Falcon,lived in London (a reference to whom will be found in the "Encyclopedia of Freemasonry" by Kenneth Mackenzie) and was of high repute as a teacher of the kabalah and of other studies of a Rosicrucian character;he was indeed said to have magical powers. Dr.Falk coul not have fully affiliated to any Rosicrucian Colleges because he was a strict Jew of the Jews,and the members of all true Rosicrucian Colleges have always been Christian,but perhaps not of an orthodox tipe ,for there was a tendency toward Gnostic ideals.Mackenzie classes Dr.Falk among the Rosicrucian of eminence,and certainly told me he had first hand evidence of his connection with the Society;many Christian students adopted a modification of the old Jewish Kabalh,so perhaps some Jews have been alllied to the Christian Rosicrucians." By this important address made by Fr.'.William Wynn Westcot to the Rosicrucians of England we can clearly state the early influence of certain Jews on English Freemasonry and their mistery Schools but at the same time we notice from the following stament made by Brother Westcott the radicaly different and more serious approach of the German groups of Rosicrucians linked to Prussian Freemasonry: "The german groups of Rosicrucian now existing are much more immersed in mystic and occult lore than ourselves;they endeavour to extend the human faculties beyond the material toward the etherea,astral and spiritual worlds:at the present time I understand that they use no formulated Ritual"(Bro. William Wynn Westcott adressing the SRIA) It was in Germany, Austria that the True illuminati Tradition of real Christian Europe was preserved and developed for the benefit of humankind and not in England were things started to go terribly wrong after the first Grand Lodge was established in 1717 and the last British Illuminati like Elias Ashmole were already dead for sometime. It is in these German and Austrian Rosicrucian Colleges that contact was restablished again and again with the genuine mystics of the middle East known to us as the Sufi Masters or the Tibetan Lamas of the far East ,something the German R+C Illuminati learned in Italy were the true Illluminati Schools started much earlier and strong contact with the middle East was established already during the first Roman Empire and the folllowing Sacred Roman Empire. Some of this German/Austrian contacts are well reported like the ones of the illustrius Austrian Frater Karl Kerner or the ones that lead to the creation of the Thule-Gesellshaft in 1919 of Bro.Rudolf Von Sebbotendorff strongly linked to the Turkish Sufi Masters of the late Ottoman Empire and very influential in certain SRIA Colleges. Some of the Sufi initiations into certain key misteries of a higher nature were a bit to hard to handle for their western practitioners and this misuse of the Holy knowledge of the Qu'ran is very evident in Adolf Hitler or Himmler and to a certain extent also in Napoleon Bonaparte, so lets hope the Westerners dont abuse the treasures of Islam again and finaly understand the real nature of the Muslim faith. Praise be to God the almighty the all powerfull the all mercifull. The United States Masonic tradition has also been heavely influnced by Muslim culture as we can notice immediately by the colour Green on the one dollar bill the Holy colour of Islam. The founders of the American republic, as high-degree Freemasons, were aware of the importance of Islamic wisdom and culture to the birth of Western civilisation. This may explain why Morocco was the first nation in history to recognise the United States, and what’s really behind the story of George Washington being presented with a Moorish flag. Some researchers believe this flag consisted of a red background with a green five-pointed star in the centre of it. The star or pentagram, which the Moors called the Seal of Sulaiyman and coloured green to honour Islam, also figures prominently in Masonic art and architecture. The layout of the city of Washington D.C. – designed by Freemasons – incorporates the pentagram. When Freemasons traveling in the Muslim lands encountered Sufis, the mystics of Islam, they soon recognised a common bond. “Sufi-ism,” said Sir Richard Burton, was “the Eastern parent of Freemasonry.” John Porter Brown, an American diplomat in Turkey in the mid 1800s, was a Freemason who wrote sympathetically of the Sufi path. In The Darvishes, he admits finding it “rather strange that the Dervishes of the Bektashi Order consider themselves quite the same as the Freemasons, and are disposed to fraternize with them.” Brown commented how in Turkey Freemasonry had come to be generally regarded as “atheism of the most condemnable character.” A position not unlike the one held by Papus, the celebrated French occultist and Gnostic bishop, who tried to counter the Masonic lodges which, he believed, were in the service of British imperialism and the international financial syndicates. Papus also viewed Freemasonry as a diabolical perversion of the ancient secret tradition and atheistic at heart has he was a member of True Spiritual Freemasonry not anglosaxon window masonry. When Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891) set out in search of hidden wisdom it was to the Islamic land of Egypt that she journeyed. Blavatsky claimed to be a disciple of the Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi. The researcher K. Paul Johnson convincingly shows her tales of the “Masters” to be modelled on real people, many genuine occult adepts. Prominent among them Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani, a Sufi scholar, tireless political intriguer, and the leader of radical movements throughout the Muslim world, whose travels enigmatically paralleled those of Madame Blavatsky for more than thirty years. Best remembered for co-founding the Theosophical Society and helping to popularise Buddhism and Hinduism in the West, Blavatsky also proudly wrote of “living with the whirling dervishes, with the Druze of Mount Lebanon, with the Bedouin Arabs and the marabouts of Damascus.” Madame Blavatsky’s “Masters” are very close to the Sufi tradition of Khwajagan (Persian: “Masters”). Ernest Scott states “the Khwajagan teachers are entirely corporeal and literal, having been physically located in the Hindu Kush area since the 10th century. The Hindu Kush range is in Afghanistan: geographically, it forms the Western extreme of the Himalayas.”3 Scott quotes from a paper by a Turkish writer who describes how members of the Khwajagan: ...intervene from time to time in human affairs. They do this, not as leaders or teachers of mankind, but unobtrusively by introducing certain ideas and techniques. This intervention works in such a way as to rectify deviations from the predestined course of human history. This inner circle, it is claimed, concentrates its activities in those areas and at those times when the situation is critical for mankind.”4 Certainly Madame Blavatsky’s teacher Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani, who was raised in Afghanistan, fits the description of a Master Adept. His life is described as a mysterious odyssey that led through lands as far apart as India and America. Received by heads of state in Cairo and Istanbul, he moved in both underground radical circles and the highest centres of power in European and Oriental capitals. The idea of living ‘spiritual guides’ or masters is central to Sufism. In the words of Sir John Glubb Pasha: “Sufism cannot be defined in words, nor can it be comprehended by the human intellect. It can only be imperceptibly ‘caught’ or imbibed by association with a Sufi master.” The Sufi master is revered by his disciples for being in contact with a level of higher consciousness, his mission on Earth directed by higher powers. Studying the lives of some of the greatest Sufi masters we often find them to be wandering holy men (& women) whose actions are usually misunderstood by orthodox believers. The shrines of Sufi masters are centres of trance dancing, exorcism, and miraculous healings. The Sufi tradition is integral to Islamic Science. Sufi masters are also renowned for communicating with their followers through dreams. There are numerous stories of Sufi saints appearing in a disciple’s dreams and using telepathy to direct followers to undertake a special mission. Mission to America A few years after Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in New York in 1875, the Master Adept Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani turned up in America around 1882. Two Americans of African descent, who are rumoured to have studied under al-Afghani, were the parents of the man who would one day establish the Nation of Islam in the United States. Noble Drew Ali (born Timothy Drew) early in the 20th century took a job as a merchant seaman and found himself in Egypt. According to one legend, Noble Drew Ali made a pilgrimage to North Africa where he studied with Moorish scholars and received a mandate from the king of Morocco to instruct Americans of African descent in Islam. His association with the ruler of Morocco is significant when we recall the historic relationship between this Moorish country and the early United States. At the Pyramid of Cheops his followers believe he received initiation and took the Muslim name Sharif [Noble] Abdul Ali; in America he would be known as Noble Drew Ali. On his return to the United States in 1913 he had a dream in which he was ordered to found a movement “to uplift fallen humanity by returning the nationality, divine creed and culture to persons of Moorish descent in the Western Hemisphere.” He organised the Moorish Science Temple along lines similar to Masonic lodges, with local temple branches and “Adept Chambers” teaching the esoteric wisdom derived from the secret circle of Eastern Sages, the Master Adepts of Moorish Science. Noble Drew Ali is said to have made a historic visit to Washington, D.C. in order to reclaim the Moorish flag and obtain official recognition to call his people to their true faith, “Al Islam”. The US president, believing that African Americans would not embrace Islam, gave Noble Drew Ali full authority to teach Moorish Science in America and create the Nation of Islam. Though we as true Illuminat adepts follow the pure teachings of Al-Islam based on the Holy Qur'an and we dont accept in any way the false and racist teachings of the Nation of Islam I still consider them to be Brothers if they got rid of their ignorant leaders who should study some proper Moorish Science before opening their mouth in the name of Islam. Always in America we also have that childlish phenomena born in certain decadent masonic cirlcles known as the Shriners,they are making a mockery of true Islam and they should apologize for their actions against the Muslim faith,we agree with all Muslim leaders on this point THE SHRINERS NEED TO OPENLY EMBRACE THE REAL ISLAM and immediately reject the ritual and initiation of the "Kissing of the black stone" is ridiculous,offensive,and disgracefull.It is as we said in the begining of this statement a direct mockery of that solemn tradition in the life of Muslims.Lets stop it now before its to late dear Freemasons involved in such operations like Bro.Julian F.Smith(in the photo above) official rappresentative of the Shriners in Europe and member of the United Grand Lodge of England STOP NOW WITH THESE OFFENSIVE ACTIONS TOWARDS GOD BROTHER AND YOU WILL BE FORGIVEN Our favourite degree in the present stage of our existence is called 'the degree of Khidr' something that God grants to Saints not a spurious degree received in a ShrinersTemple but something that God gives to the real Illuminati who have reached the second level of life. "A Saint who reaches this degree receives instruction from Khidr and meets with him.But sometimes the one at that degree is mystankenly thought to be Khidr himself." SAID NURSI
So lets protect the Real Masters from this present degeneration and lets remember that our roots come from the East were we find the light,the light of Islam. Because we go as Freemasons from Square to Compass, from Bible to Qur'an in the name of the one true God that unites us all and his last Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

Khaled Saifullah Khan aka Leo Lyon Zagami

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