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Microwaved Water - See What It Does To Plants
02-17-2012, 06:30 AM,
RE: Microwaved Water - See What It Does To Plants
(02-17-2012, 05:26 AM)nwo2012 Wrote: Thanks for that info Swordfish. I did expect that result. Maybe if the water was poured on immediately after microwaving it would be different though?

Yes it would be hot. To keep it scientific the other water would also have to be hot .. which would mean it would likely be sourced from a tap (connected to a water heater where the water would stagnate and perhaps have a different mineral concentration in oxidized metals, boiler linings) or heated on a stove-top in a kettle (which present similar taints) to the same temperature.

In my passive observation, I found microwaved water (and food) cools far more quickly than boiled water.
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