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The Environment addresses mankind for the First Time!

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The Environment addresses mankind for the First Time!
06-29-2009, 02:37 PM,
The Environment addresses mankind for the First Time!
Good Monday morning everyone

The Environment, ever-menacing in recent years, has agreed to stem its aggressive attacks on people, under one condition:

Buy a copy of REVELATION OF THE METHOD by Toronto rock-trio STRAWMAN and support the band in its endeavors to educate and awaken the masses. Visit to get your copy of the CD and to hear a special announcement from The Environment. Your life may depend on it!


Hi people - it's been awhile since I've posted, but I visit frequently. In recent months I've been busy looking out for family and working on the album from my band STRAWMAN. I hope the winter and spring have been kind to you all, and that the numbers here have increased!

You've all surely figured out by now (esp if you've gone to my site) that the whole Environment thing is a lark. It's my tongue in cheek attempt at getting the band some attention and trying to get people to understand how they're being manipulated. Have a read of the press release under the EPK section to see what all the major press outlets are getting - it will help tie in the video (I hope) you watched at our home page.

It would be GREAT if some of you would buy the album - it's a five songer but it's only five bucks. People in Toronto or nearby should come out to the Horseshoe Tavern this Thursday, July 2nd to see us live and get a free copy of the CD.

I plan on doing more podcasts/video blogs on the site, and I'll upload them to the tracker. Please comment on the songs, the album, the site, the videos - sensible criticisms also encouraged. The music and all that goes with it is my vehicle for getting people to think outside the box, and I can use the feedback to hone my approach and keep me motivated when the matrix weighs in on me.

Thanks for checking out the site, and for reading.


Can you figure out which guy I am from our pics?

One last thing - I am no webmaster (but I made the site), so if anyone wants to offer some free time with design (we can figure out a barter deal) then let me know!
The Environment is out to KILL YOU!

Visit STRAWMAN MUSIC to find out how you can stop It's genocidal plans.

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