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There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

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There Is Nothing New Under The Sun
01-06-2007, 05:22 AM,
There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

From web site:

Quote:The material in this book is the result of several years research into biblical accuracy, religion and the New World Order.

I believe God to have created the universe as we see it today roughly 6000 years ago. I believe our world suffered a catastrophic flood as a result of rebellion against God. I believe Jesus Christ to be the only son of God, both divine as the Son of God, human as the Son of Man and living within His believers as the Holy Ghost. I believe the world has always been under the influence of Satan who effectively uses a dialectical process to create order out of chaos. All conflict since the world began is the result of people who reject the Holy Ghost to follow the Prince of this world, Satan. Their world is one where good is evil and white is black. I believe the word of God in the bible to be the only weapon available to followers of Christ. There is no conflict which can be remedied through violence by a Christian.
People in the occult lead double lives and have no compassion for human life or truth. They communicate with each other with secret symbols, phrases, codes and handshakes. They control most governments on earth today, make movies in Hollywood, teach the majority of our children their re-writes of history, write best-selling books, have resumes full of degrees and awards. They are billionaires who worship Molech and dream up ways to kill as many people as possible. They lure adults into religions and secret societies that look good from a distance, but inside are full of the walking dead with a foundation on shifting sand. They crucified our Lord 2000 years ago and will convince as many of us as they can to follow a person Satan will incarnate as Antichrist. They are modern day Merovingian Kings who think Jesus had a relationship and produced their ancestors. This is my attempt to shed light on them.

Table of Contents:

Quote:Table of Contents

Secret Societies: The Shadow Government
Ten Rebels
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
Baby Steps
Lies and Lying Liars
Red, Blue and White Pills
The House of God is not a Temple
Thou shalt not change my book
Bohemian Grove
Forbidden Practices
Another God
Science vs common Sense
Proof of the Biblical Account
America is not Christian
The Color Purple and Black virgins
Freemasonry and the Merovingian Empire
Trojan Horses
Noah’s Flood
Sexual Deviancy
Hegelian Dialectic
Satan is the Enemy, not Nazis, Communists or Al Qaeda
The Cancer Mutates
The Universal Religion of Science
Rosicrucian Reformation: A New Jerusalem
Freemasonry, Cabbalah and Hollywood
The Lion with Eagle’s wings
Phoenicians: Merchants of Death and Credit
The New World Order
The Love of Money
NASA’s Looney Idea
EM weapons and the Destroyers of the World
Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes
Biblical Prophecy
Utah: This is the place
St. George: Dragon Slayer

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