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03-21-2007, 09:11 PM,
War on Drugs...

Another scam by the USA government.
I as a US citizen am getting tired of seeing our youth thrown in jail because the US government can not protect the citizens.
One of the biggest jobs of our government is to protect us.
Well, anyone that knows South America knows that the cocaine could be stopped at any time.
By the government allowing the drugs to cross into our country, they have put many of us in danger.
Anyone that believes that the drug use of Americans has declined, is very naive. Drug use is at an all time high. More drugs are brought, grown, made here than ever before.
The drugs that flow into this country generate trillions for the economy, yes trillions.
Think about it. Every dollar from the first dollar that changes hands due to drugs to the last dollar of profit spent at say McDs. :biggrin:
Think about the jobs that would be gone due to no drugs. Just to begin; lawyers, judges, police would be cut by 2/3rds maybe more. Most dockets at every court house is more than 2/3rds drug cases, criminal cases that is.
The drugs keep the economy going. Remove the drugs and there would be a Depression bigger than 29.
Millions of people make there living by the sale of drugs, yes millions.
This is why the drugs will never stop coming.
Also any government knows that the population has to have a way of release. A lot of people use drugs for this reason, not all but one hell of a lot do.
Legalization huh, not as long as the Drug companies have a hold of the government. They have the most to loose. The marijuana laws in California really put a scare into them. Billions of dollars would be lost. Sales of Xanax, Valium, Zololf, etc. and so many more would drop to alarming numbers.
This is why the drug companies pay for all the tests that are done to say drugs are bad for you. They pay for the infomercials about drugs. Illegal drugs that is.
Ask any of our bought and paid for politicians. Who does the heaviest lobbying to keep marijuana illegal ?

I am just one citizen of this Great country.
I wish the government would keep its nose out of our business.
Every year more and more laws are passed to bring down our rights as free people.
If you don't know it, you live in a military controlled country. Don't think so....
Just to start, why can't the president access all military installations. The president is suppose to control the military and have the highest level of security ratting, but we now see the military controls the presidency.
You want to stop war ? Take the profit out of it. Any and everything that has to do with war must be built and controlled by the armed forces. As long as there are private industry making money from war you will have WAR.
I am sorry for changing the topic but I could go on and on.

I want the country back that my Grandfather, Father, myself and now my son have taken an oath to protect.
It is slipping away each and every year. Soon it will be to late to do anything about it.
Put out the fire when it starts not when the house is full of flames.
It seems that is the way it is now a days. As long as you have your 2.2 children, 2 vehicles, house, good job, vacation, etc. You don't care what goes on.


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