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Cigarettes Really Bad?

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Cigarettes Really Bad?
05-05-2007, 01:48 AM,
Cigarettes Really Bad?
hey guys,

so as a teen, i have been thinking a lot about cigarettes.

i smoke the occasional marijuana joint, and I know that it is not harmful to you when used in moderation. The government pours millions of dollars into the school system to tell us what an evil and horrible plant marijuana is when i now know by personal experience it isnt.

I also know through the grape vine that a lot of the drugs the government harps on us about include cocaine and ex arent as bad as they are made out. Sure they arent the best for you but the lies the government tells about them is ungodly.

So here is my question, I am currently going through a lot of stress and various other things i wont get into, and i was wondering if there are any smokers on the forum and if they have an opinion as to whether or not cigarettes are really as bad as they say. what brand is the best IYO?


- typhoid
The Truth Will Set You Free

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