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Christian right aims to change history lessons in Texas schools
07-24-2009, 12:50 AM,
Christian right aims to change history lessons in Texas schools
Quote:While it wasn't able to inject religious theories in to the classroom, the Texas school board did make changes to teaching designed to undermine lessons on evolution such as introducing views that the eye is so complex an organ it must have involved "intelligent design".

I find this just too funny. I remember an ancient evolution debate on ConCen where I used the eye as an example to illustrate unintelligent design. Primary blood vessels for the human eye run on top of the cornea, which means even a swollen blood vessel can create vision problems and bleeding in the eye can completely blind you. Now these blood vessels would logically work better if they had been placed behind the cornea, that way if they became damaged, which would be even harder mind you, they would not interrupt vision. A win-win situation. The only problem is, they didn't evolve that way.

&We grow to recognize form. We grow to label that form. In doing so, do we become more intelligent? Do we become more awakened?& - Siji Tzu 四季子

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Christian right aims to change history lessons in Texas schools - triplesix - 07-24-2009, 12:50 AM

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