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Rice Made With Human Genes
06-03-2007, 10:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-03-2007, 10:07 PM by ephilution.)
Rice Made With Human Genes
Quote:Rice made with human genes: GM menace or saviour?
By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor
Published: 03 June 2007

Rice containing human genes is being grown commercially for the first time, in a dramatic application of genetic modification. The highly controversial development - which environmentalists say bears out their charge that the technology is creating "Frankenstein Foods" - is also likely to open the door to a new generation of GM crops.

The rice, which has been called "the Holy Grail" by GM enthusiasts, has been modified to grow two proteins found in human breast milk. It is produced by the California-based Ventria Biosciences, which says that it wants to use them in baby milk and rehydration drinks to fight the severe diarrhoea that kills some two million small children in the Third World every year. Critics dismiss this as window-dressing, citing a US government disclosure that the proteins will be used in "yoghurts" and "granola bars".
Does anybody else smell a Hegelian dialectic being played out here?

1) Cause the circumstances to generate widespread diarrhea among infants in Africa. With all the foreign aid in the form of chemically laced milk products, other tampered food starved of functional nutrients and auxiliary digestive agents (enzymes), poor sanitation and sewage, and general societal misery and poverty this would seem to not be such a hard condition to be met. As such, an environment characterised by a compromised public health would constitute your 'thesis'.

2) With the overt aim of alleviating the diarrhea epidemic, introduce the problem combating agent. This would be your 'anti-thesis' (anti-thesis in conflict with the thesis). Of course what nobody knows is that the purported beneficial remedy is in fact quite the wolf in sheep's clothes and in actuality functions to covertly exacerbate the health crisis and, wholly according to the tradition, will claim a lot of lives along the way.

GM food poses a real threat to public health since they contain un-natural, artificial and unknown nutrients which will likely be treated as foreign invaders to any healthily functioning and protective digestive system.

3) When the dialectic has been played out the world will have witnessed another genocide perpetrated on Africa. No doubt 'repairing' solutions to this literally bloody madness will be advanced. And my guess will be that that will be done under the auspices of the United Nations, no doubt, ever increasing control of the people along the way. This will be your synthesis (dripping with blood).

Quote:Apart from its use of human genes, the rice heralds a new type of crop modified to grow drugs, a process dubbed "pharming". This could lead to people who should not be exposed to the drugs unwittingly eating them in their food. The leading technical journal Nature Biotechnology compared growing such pharmaceuticals in crops to "packaging pills in candy wrappers.".
Oh that's cute. Resourceful too...

Quote:Clare Oxborrow of Friends of the Earth said: "This product is both risky and completely unnecessary. The solutions to diarrhoea are already out there and we do not need a genetically modified product, especially one that may risk public health."
Genuine solutions will not entail using GM foods, well there you go...
Hence the smelly odor of this crisis, which seems to have all the hallmarks of artificial induction.

I fear that the 'growing pains' of 'tinkering with Nature' will be quite horrific to the population of the world. Most notably third world countries will be targeted and affected the most.
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