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Illuminati Freemason Tony Blair Submission Files...

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Illuminati Freemason Tony Blair Submission Files...
06-27-2007, 10:35 PM,
Illuminati Freemason Tony Blair Submission Files...
Tony Blair talks with Pope Benedict XVI and prepares
to become a Catholic Knight blessed by the Pope now he
his leaving his office as a Prime Minister earlier
today.The two men (Blair and the gay Pope) met
privately for 25 minutes last week in Rome and then
were joined for further talks by English Cardinal
Cormac Murphy-O'Connor .It seems obvious to everybody
with a bit of knowledge about Blair that the now ex
prime minister as always been working for his Vatican
Masters but now Blair is finaly coming out of the
closet as a Catholic for everybody to see how devoted
to Rome he realy is.

A Vatican press office called the audience a normal
meeting between the pope and a government
leader...well how normal is it to visit the Pope
before leaving your office as a Prime Minister of
Great Britain?

Blair one the most important puppets of the illuminati
scene in the last ten years went to the Pope for
ultimate Vatican submission , this should be enough to
expose Blair in front of the world as the tipical
Vatican neo illuminati now ready to show who are his
real Masters in Rome , we should point out to our
friends and families this episode that makes it quite
clear who is in charge of the so called politics.

Later a official stament was made by the Vatican
about the talks of Tony Blair with Benedict and the
separate meeting he had with Secretary of State
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone,they said there was a
"frank" assessment of the international situation,
including such "delicate" themes as the Middle East
conflict and the future of the European Union...
are we gonna believe them?

officialy the Vatican opposed the U.S.-led invasion of
Iraq, which Blair has supported but we know very well
that this whole war is an illuminati war secretely
driven by the Pope in Rome.

The statement said that best wishes were expressed for
Blair's future, saying that he has expressed the
desire "to dedicate himself in a particular way for
peace in the Middle East and for interreligious
dialogue." This seems to be the new career the Vatican
illuminati have planed for him and earlier this week,
President Bush, a close ally, got Blair the job of
Middle East envoy for the Quartet of peacemakers — the
United States, European Union, United Nations and

Greeted by Benedict, Blair explained that he had just
arrived from an EU summit in Brussels.

"I heard it was very successful," Benedict the great
illuminati manipulator said.

"Yes, we had a very long night. We finished up at 5:30
in the morning," Blair replied.

In an interview with The Times of London, Blair said
Saturday the issue of his religious beliefs was
complex and that he was nervous about discussing his
faith with the pope....

Rubbish Blair his simply a illuminati Vatican slave
and as always been one.

"It's difficult with some of these things," Blair told
the newspaper. "Things aren't always as resolved as
they might be."

So Blair is on the verge of formally converting, a
spokesman for the prime minister repeated the official
line that he remains a member of the Church of England
but thats not gonna last to long now he as left his
position as Prime Minister of Anglican UK and he his
free of showing his true colours to the world.

Blair, his wife and children met Benedict in a
private, hour-long audience a year ago. He also met
with Pope John Paul II in 2003.

Blair's wife Cherie is Roman Catholic, the couple's
children have attended Catholic schools and Blair
habitually attends Catholic rather than Anglican
services even taking the communion.
Well welcome to the Church of Rome Mr Blair and wake
up people and get the truth on the real manipulators
of our planet.
The Zionist families and the Vatican thats it!

I was in Kirby Lodge 2818 in Great Queen Street (home
of the United Grand Lodge of England ) back in
November 2003 when I heard from illustrius Brother
Andrew Hicks of the Corner Stone Society (
that Gordon Brown was being prepared as successor to
Tony Blair who was being totaly manipulated and used
by the Vatican illuminati elite of the United Grand
Lodge of England for their evil illuminati game in
collaboration with their USA allies .
Tony Blair had been completely brainwashed and mind
controlled by the Vatican and their loyal British
Queen to this present day.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Kh

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