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How Bronze Age man enjoyed his pint
08-14-2007, 06:21 PM,
How Bronze Age man enjoyed his pint
Quote:[...] The Moore Group's deductions suggest beer was widely drunk in Ireland long before the 6th century AD, when brewing is first documented. Early writings show that the brewer was a highly important member of the monastic communities in the early Christian era.

Studies of residues found at prehistoric sites in Asia have dated beer back to 5000 BC. But the Moore Group claims the proliferation of fulacht fiadhs in Ireland suggests ancient brewing on an unprecedented scale.

"It means that there were up to 4500 breweries in Ireland in the Bronze Age, which means it was the most widespread brewing industry in prehistory in the world,"
Mr Moore said.

At the weekend the Telegraph was able to sample the fruits of this process.

The verdict? The cloudy, yellowish brew with no discernible head was dangerously drinkable. The brewers were unsure of its strength but there was enough bite to suggest that a Bronze Age binge would be quite an event.
Amazing ... :o

... the men and women of the Land of √Čire have always had their priorities straight.

[Image: 250px-Irelande.A2003004_large.jpg]

Thanks, MaDiZmS, and be sure to cross-post this to the Survival of the Fittest forum ...;)

... superior brewing is a necessary skill in case civilization collapses !!:P

Wasn't there another recent news story about preserved cannabis seeds being discovered at the ancient Irish megalith sites ?B)

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