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Much if not all of Christianity is stolen from predating religions
09-20-2007, 06:42 PM,
Much if not all of Christianity is stolen from predating religions
I wonder why for a book that is so malicious and so false is everything comming to pass just as it said it would? I mean this entire site and everything about it is trying to warn people about the very same thing that the last book of the "fake book" known as the bible has been telling people for years.

One world government, RFID chip (mark of the beast) and many all of these things are leading up to what this fake book has been telling us for centuries. This fake book has told us that these things have been going on since the fake book was being written. Gosh this fake book sure does like to point out the plan's of the world leaders who probably wanted it written to confuse the masses and direct the attention off of them.

Weird i'd say.

BTW, for the topic. Christianity has been around since adam and eve were booted off the island. Genesis Chapter 3. While Christianity came to fruitation 2k years ago, judaism foretold of the messiah since the conception of it. Why did we need a messiah, well you would have to understand God's relationship with man and definately have to understand the sacrificial system that was used. In short animals covered sin while Jesus (God himself in the flesh) decided to take on man's sin so that he may completely remove them, that man would have a close relationship with God once again as man had in the garden of Eden. Very short explanation.

Why I wonder do we have all the same story when we all live under the same sky in wich when it was put together painted the story of salvation before man learned how to read and write.

We talk about God. We don't spend much time talking about his prime creation Lucifer. Many don't know or believe that Lucifer's main job now is to decieve as many as he can. Hell is where he will reside then the lake of fire and he know's that, now he is trying to take as many with him as he can. He's very good at what he does. So think it not strange when you alway's have 2 sides. Same sky, different religions. Abraham sought questions with a pure heart and God decided to make a name for himself through Abraham because he was one person and God would take that one person who believed and make a Great nation out of him to show people how amazing this God is.

Then again, I have faith and I am not blinded by my own agenda to disprove something that I may feel justified in my answers.

Very short and just my humble opinion. I would that everyone believed in the one true and living God. However it doesn't bother me nor should it bother any other person that believes in the one true and living God, Jesus the Christ, if other's do not believe.

I do appreciate people that defend the gospel or Good new's. If men can tell blatant lies with much pride and arrogance then God's people should be able to tell the truth with much more boldness and wich love.

Love you all. May not like you, but certainly love you.

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Much if not all of Christianity is stolen from predating religions - beasthunt - 09-20-2007, 06:42 PM

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