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09-19-2007, 12:25 AM,
Forwarded Message
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 16:08:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: "leo young" <>
Subject: Re: urgent news from illuminati Confessions NUCLEAR ALLARM!
To: "Gianni D Hayes"

What you gonna ear from me dear Gianni is not very
good news unfortunately , I actualy got very
disturbing news in the last few days from the USA
regarding their future plans. They have apparentely
stolen the main components of a nuclear missile last
week from a base 100 km from Denver and they killed 7
military in the course of this self inflicted
terrorist operation, all this is obviously been kept
secret for the moment but why? Well the information
comes from an insider a friend in the military
intelligence, who said that the main components of
this stolen nuclear missile could be easly put in a
backpack for future detonation and triggered with a
small battery at any given time. They want to blow up
the warhead of this nuclear missile (intercontinental
balistic missile) in one of the main US cities and
install their long awaited martial law after they
blame Al-Qaeda for this terrible act of self inflicted

Yes they want to blame Al-Qaeda for it (their own New
World Order creation) but let's remember that all
honest muslims in the US will suffer for this evil
plan of the New world Order illuminati , and they will
suffer like never before because this is gonna be much
much worst then 9/11!

The next step after all this will be the North
American Union and the birth of the Amero...
Some of the more skeptics will say all this is pure
fiction but I'm afraid it's not as the source of this
information who finds himself within the military
intelligence comunity as never been known to lie or
create sensationalist news , so we can only hope that
the evil bunch we define as the illuminati doesnt
succeed in what could become the worst nightmare of
America since 9/11...a nuclear nightmare !!!

I will also forward this news to other members of the
alternative media all over the world hoping we can at
least dig deeper into these latest events ( a stolen
nuclear missile and 7 service men already died... )
before is to late for the American people to react in
any way.
I also want to show you this brief article I found
today in my friend's Greg website ( http://www.arcticbeacon)
that seems to be conferming the information I got
from my source is very accurate and not to be taken
lightly especialy in regards to Denver but my source
says the nulear weapon will be triggered elsewere in
the States:


Reports surfaced recently through CIA operatives
posing as alternative media personalities that nukes
were seen being moved at the Denver International

Here is a response to that report, first reported by
Hal Turner, by author of the book Vatican Assassins,
Eric Phelps:

"Jesuit Coadjutor Hal Turner has been given some
correct information. I saw the CNN news report of the
B-52s moving the nuclear warheads in the Denver
airport and knew this was possibly the beginning of
placing nuclear devices in targeted cities here in the
US. Following the detonations, Al Qaeda will be
blamed, Mecca and Medina blown to bits by CIA/Al Qaeda
with pre-placed special weapons, martial law declared,
the roundup of all American Moslems (as portrayed the
Order's Hollywood movie in which military officer
Bruce Willis rounds up American Moslems) and the
opening of the concentration camps.

"This movement of nukes is indeed a Criminal
Conspiracy carried out by Bonesman George Bush under
the leadership of his Knight of Malta father who is
the mere vassal of Knight of Malta and Archbishop of
New York City, Edward Cardinal Egan---directed by
Jesuit Avery Cardinal Dulles at Fordham University
whose SMOM uncle and ex-DCI Allen Dulles was a
co-conspirator in the murder and cover-up of JFK.

"Hal Turner has put out some real truth here but for
what reason? He is a White Roman Catholic, pro
neo-Nazi, Jew hating, pro Knight of Malta Pat
Buchanan, Jesuit shill. Hal Turner, by putting out
this info, will be vindicated in his pro-fascist
position and draw millions of White Roman Catholics,
apostate Protestants and Baptists into his org---as
intended by the Jesuits. The Order's "terrorism" is in
fact a political ecumenical movement to culminate in a
military dictatorship first attempted back in the
1930s via Knight of Malta John J. Raskob, a kingpin in
the Democratic Party and controller of DuPont, one of
the country's foremost munitions manufacturers.

"With the iniquity of the Americans having come to the
full, maybe this attempt by the Order will be


Well that's it for now and let's pray for once that is
all a bluf of the US intelligence manipulated by the
illuminati to give us yet more strategy of tension
otherquise we are about to witness DOOMSDAY so I
suggest you check:
Keep safe...

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

--- Gianni D Hayes wrote:

> Pisano,
> Are you hearing anything that is true and valid
> about US cities scheduled to
> be bombed? What do you know?
> G
> Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
> Radio host: Wed, 8-10pm, EST
> <>
> Sat, 5- 6pm, EST
> <>
> International speaker
> Author: 14 books, 100s of articles
> <>
> <>
> <>
> Drug/Alcohol Tester
> <>
> 410-543-0448

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