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Just doing some brainstorming...
10-18-2007, 10:17 PM,
Just doing some brainstorming...
Quote:I'm thinking back and I can remember a few people I met in the mid 90's who told me that they learned to make meth in college level chemistry classes.
From the masonic maxim 'ordo ab chao' the meth epidemic seems one more wish come true for the government. More meth-users create more chaos in the guise of crime and disorderly conduct, a pattern of behavior that begs for increases in law enforcement (order) and may even be used as a rationale of the government to take away civil rights.

In addition, meth being a stimulant may offer short term economic benefits in the form of increased labor efforts. The danger of course is mental instability and mental pathology (psychosis) so this may offer extra work for social workers and psychiatry, all at the expense of health insurance companies and the tax payer. Either which way it doesn't take too big of a stretch of imagination to think that meth-usage by the citizenry is welcomed by the government and the 'health' industry rather than condemned and persecuted.

Hence the apathetic laissez faire kind of attitude by the government IMO.
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