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Project Seal
02-07-2009, 11:22 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-07-2009, 11:37 PM by ---.)
Project Seal
Quote:But there again, you aren't providing a 'defense' service for anyone.

Yes, that's indeed a shame - I think I'd be rather good at it B)

Quote:Need I remind you that a successful "defense" is deterrence, and the ability to move swiftly and efficiently to "quarantine" and evacuate populations (but especially forces!) in the event of chemical and biological attack would, from the point of view of the attacker, render him open to the very chaos he was intending to inflict, which would be angrier, more spasmodic and unpredictable, and much more vindictively promoted. THAT's deterrence... The end result is PEACE instead of WAR.

A wiser protocol than the one's I assume are those currently implemented - judging from the past record - would be to educate the public and to try and raise the level of general understanding to the necessary concerns, rather than treating them like demented bovian entities at risk of spasmodic and irrational behaviour at any given moment of stress.

From the stories I heard from great grandparents as a child, it seemed that people banded together and kept their wits about them during the bombings of the second world war rather than having fallen to pieces and the attendant social disintergration etc.

You could say the NBC threat is an entirely different kettle of fish and I'd agree but nevertheless distributing information, education, contingencies and providing resources - above ground - seems to me a better rationale than conducting ever secret trials without any public disclosure or interfacing. It's indictative of the deeply rooted class mentality of the UK establishment, essentially - in my opinion.

It's still open to debate as to whether such tests were wholly innocuous too, imo

Porton Down certainly has had it's moments that smack of experimental eugenicism.

Quote:Whether or not Herr Hitler was an economic genius (he certainly wasn't!), the facts stand that he acted as he did because he saw the French, British, Poles, Czechs and Russians as WEAK, and that in my view was a profound failure on our part - to maintain a commensurate and fully-deterrent armed capability. But it was only one of a sad succession of failures.

I didn't miss your point but mine was that it was outside monetary influence that facilitated the NSDAP in being able to adopt this point of view. Dictators seemingly get funded left, right ..and centre and when they get all 'Napoleonic' invariably yet another in direct opposition tends to suddenly appears As the Nazis did in the face of an AWOL Stalin ie it is a game - and we are and always have been pawns within it. Reminds me obscurely enough of the lyrics of a Chumawumba song that was in the 'charts' a few years ago.

Quote:Sadly, once one HAS such an ability, it requires men of 'honor' not to abuse it, and unfortunately almost none of them are in politics. As we see right now.

Couldn't agree more. We're in bad shape.

Quote:And anyway, successful diplomacy, fair trade, and extending freedoms, are what we should have been doing, and that might be achieved by setting a world currency standard to a unit of manual labour, and limiting politicians to a single-term, reducing and abolishing organised religions and monarchies in their entirety. We should have done all this a century ago.

Yes real fair trade not the slogan that is brandished on trendy packets in health food 'boutiques'.

Perhaps we could intergrate the other revolutionary concepts into plasticfan's new thread about anarchism.. potentially a very interesting thread.

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