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Marc Emery strikes deal
02-01-2008, 10:20 PM,
Marc Emery strikes deal
yea, there was a little doc. on TV cpl months ago on this. forget what its called, but certain shit in there seriously made me ill to my stomach.
a fucking DEA office in Van., Ottawa and Montreal? i think it was? what the fuck!?

and to hear these ppl put Emery up there with Angels, Triads, all these criminal organizations,
saying hes just as bad as heroin dealers/importers, etc. pure insanity.

we wouldve had the shit decriminalized here yrs ago if the states and the DEA hadnt stepped
in with their bullshit. telling us how o make our laws. this shit infuriates me.

glad as hell tho that he isnt gonna be handed over to the states, where they can lock him up for a long ass time, for doing basically nothing.

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