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"You Should Skip the Flu Vaccine -- But What If Forced to Take It?"
09-17-2009, 10:27 PM,
"You Should Skip the Flu Vaccine -- But What If Forced to Take It?"

"You Should Skip the Flu Vaccine --
But What If Forced to Take It?"

Know what to do now to protect yourself naturally from renegade viruses -- AND their questionable vaccines!
Here are your must-know facts...

here’s no need to panic – despite the daily bad-news barrage about swine flu. This is a manufactured “pandemic”. Truly much worse health issues should be vying for your attention.

Numerous questions about the much-touted swine flu vaccine press for answers…

  • Are the vaccines in question safe? Do they even work?<>
  • Have they been adequately tested?<>
  • Is their testing even honest – i.e., are they testing the exact same vaccine they will then force on you? And are tests conducted with absolute integrity and neutrality?<>
  • Does the gravity of the illness even justify mass immunizations?<>
  • Why are medical professionals and virologists (those who study these viruses) so adamant that they do not plan to immunize themselves or family members?<>
    [st] Too much doubt surrounds each of these questions to even come close to guaranteeing the vaccine’s efficacy.

    To add insult to injury, now Big Pharma has been granted immunity from all lawsuits such as those that resulted from the 1970s swine flu vaccine boondoggle.

    You and your loved ones simply have no recourse if you get the shot and react severely, or even die, from complications of the vaccine.

    No recourse.

    Meanwhile the vaccine manufacturers’ gluttonous appetite for profit – in collaboration with your government – could end up forcing your hand.

    Dr. Blaylock suggests fifteen actions you can take to protect your immune system from invasion by these foreign substances, in the event you are forced to take the shot.

    In the meantime, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, and that each person is allowed to make their own reasoned decision about the vaccine.
09-21-2009, 11:45 PM,
&quot;You Should Skip the Flu Vaccine -- But What If Forced to Take It?&quot;
I hear you can squeeze out the the shot in some cases, just squeeze it out like you were popping a boil, a big deep boil. Just don't let anyone see or they'll jab you again. I forget the source but it was pretty reliable from a first hand account of a mother and her young daughter.
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