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2007: full scale GLOBAL WARMING campaign launched - THE HORRIBLE TRUTH why
07-04-2008, 05:57 PM,
2007: full scale GLOBAL WARMING campaign launched - THE HORRIBLE TRUTH why
Why did the satanic illuminati launch full scale the global warming campaign in late 2006? THE HORRIBLE TRUTH is very simple.

Decrease in consumption...

The combined action of these three main factors:

- the collapsing economy (-5 pct industrial output in 2006 in US and EU),
- the mass murder of elderly and other "unproductive" segments of the population in homes and hospitals (I estimated, derivated from other published data, this to have caused a population reduction of 1.7 pct in 2006);
- which were the main reasons for the drastic reduction of oil consumption (-8 pct gasoline consumption in 2006 in US and EU);

... NOT ENOUGH to compensate for decrease in global oil output

But that was NOT ENOUGH to compensate the second year of the post peak oil age (-6 pct global output in 2006).

Since the elasticity of demand is now close to the limits, any broadening of the gap would result in an explosion of oil prices. But since the population is now also reaching the limits of its financial capacity, this would lead to the implosion of the system.

Stage not yet finished, so illuminati trying to gain extra time, again and again

The illuminati now resort to global warming (which is real) only to try to postpone the last move required by their strategy, the final nuclear showdown. They use global warming to try to decrease oil consumption just enough to keep it in pace with the decreasing global oil output.

Because if that would not be the case then oil prices would explode.
And the illuminati would be forced to launch the full scale nuclear attack against Russia, since otherwise they know that soon their bodies would be dragged out into the streets.

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