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What after Piratebay is gone?
01-07-2013, 08:23 AM,
What after Piratebay is gone?
Piratebay one of the biggest public torrent tracker was down for more than 18 hours beginning Sunday. Although this is not the first time that Piratebay was down but this triggered a wave of fear among the millions of fans of Piratebay that the site might have faced the same fate as Demonoid did not too long ago.
But against all these speculations Piratebay came back & is up & running. Piratebay has been a very resilient torrent site up till now, but Piratebay is on the radar of many anti-piracy organizations & governments, so it would not be too surprising if you hear that Piratebay has been taken down in the near future. If it happens then millions of fans of Piratebay would be left distressed. Then they would need to move on to another Public torrent tracker. But is that the best alternative?
The best alternative would be to move on to private trackers. Private trackers have a lot of advantages over public trackers like better speeds, anonymity & exclusivity in terms of content that is available. There are many private trackers out there to which people can move on to. Google is there to help you out just search for a list of private trackers & you will get hundreds of useful results.
But private trackers also face death, the most recent example would be BitGamer. BitGamer was an old private tracker running proudly from the year 2006 with a lot of members. But BitGamer owner's decided to move on with there lives & that's how a famous private tracker came to an end in 2012. But the site members have also moved on to different private trackers, doing the smart thing, not to move on to private trackers.
Do share in the comments section to which tracker have you moved on to.

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RE: What after Piratebay is gone?
The problem with private trackers is that they are private. So one needs to find out what they are and where they are and then attempt to try to join them. Some are by invitation only with a 'code' and open registration is usually closed, or open for certain narrow time frames to register. By the time someone finds out about the open registration...the time frame is over.
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