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Lenon Honor Interviewed by Deanna Spingola - Mind Control Techniques - IMG INT
06-23-2012, 04:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-14-2012, 06:34 AM by Negentropic.)
Lenon Honor Interviewed by Deanna Spingola - Mind Control Techniques - IMG INT

This is an IMAGE & MEDIA INTENSIVE thread, not intended for the meek or those in love with their own dubious notions of 'sanity.' If you do not want to wait a few minutes for the page to load or you have an older junk computer, please do not visit this thread.

Lenon Honor Interviewed by Deanna Spingola - 06/20/2012

This is may be the best Lenon Honor interview yet. Much better than the Celtic Rebel interviews. All wheat, no chaff.

[Image: spingola.jpg] [Image: spingola.jpg][Image: spingola.jpg]
[Image: 421523_176606902444177_1779357775_n.jpg]

Anytime you see the suffix 'ment' that means we're dealing with the mind:

govern-ment = to rule or dominate the mind

enter-tain-ment = to go into the mind & hold (tain) it

Symbolic mind-control is all-inclusive and 24 hours a day in all media and there is no difference between the mainstream or alternative medias in this respect, it is fully operative in both whenever critical faculties do not intervene to decode what is really being communicated to them in the guise of 'entertainment' or 'truth telling.'

[Image: charade2.gif][Image: 180351.gif][Image: davidope10.gif][Image: davidope4.gif] [Image: davidope6.gif][Image: alphaville1.gif] [Image: hypnotic_tunnel_by_atillathehungarian-d2xg8mw.gif]

Golf = Planting the seed into the earth, the earth being a symbolic representation of women

All war comes down to dominating earth, dominating land, same as sports

Sports symbolically program men not only for war but for domination of women and it programs women for the same, for domination of their own feminine, nurturing nature in favor of a more competitive, masculine unnatural state incompatible with men and creating conflict with men. So women are either in conflict with men or dominated by men but never allowed to become harmoniously compatible with men to synergistic effect.

In some cases, parents put this mind-control programming onto their child, unknowingly, by forcing their children to participate in this event (9-11), even if their child wasn't on the planet when the event actually took place, just like many parents force their children to believe in Santa Clause.

Many people have bought into an illusion that the mainstream news and the alternative news are separate entities. Actually, they're not, simply for the fact that the alternative news, the way it operates, it sources much of its information from the mainstream news (and then tries to debunk it). However, if you're 'alternative' to something then you would not source that to which you are 'alternative' to.

The techniques of mind-control in the mainstream news and a large segment of the alternative news are exactly the same. The manipulative techniques being employed have not changed, they are the same:

subliminal association

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

[Image: 51NxL6%2BG-8L._SL500_AA300_.jpg][Image: Trance-Formations-Grinder-John-9780911226232.jpg][Image: 001a98e1_medium.jpeg]
[Image: nlp_map.jpg]

subconscious confusion

programming embeds

subliminal soundscapes and soundtracks

Tonal frequency application - how the information is spoken to you is going to affect how you interpret that information

Media seeks to identify particular target groups and particular demographics, that's how media ALWAYS works, that is its nature

The media when it issues stories, it ALWAYS leaves loose ends

Those loose ends become the sparking points for those more critical thinking individuals who are part of the 'conspiracy theorist' demographic or target audience. So, they too, are being issued mind-control programming designed for them while they're busy congratulating themselves that they're 'free' of it

Mainstream and alternative media work hand-in-hand to appeal to particular demographics of people by appealing to their emotions, especially fear, rather than their critical thinking or intellect.

Proximity does not mean causality

Fear based mind-control uses trauma and heightened emotional states to shut down critical thinking

Purify your information stream because when you're in a state of perpetual fear you simply cannot take an intellectual approach

Perpetual fear-based mind-control programming; it is designed to keep people in PERPETUAL fear

9-11 = greatest fear-based mind-control program of our time, a program that is re-installed every year on September 11th. It's trauma-based mind-control programming that MUST be re-installed every single year or people will start asking critical questions, start breaking their mind control programming and the legitimacy of the official fable will come under question.

Most alternative media documentaries and so called exposes have loose ends that were issued in the mainstream media in the first place, making alternative media just a different outlet to appeal to a certain demographic

It's not about ignoring anything, it's about having a HIGH LEVEL OF DISCERNMENT about everything

One of the reasons the media presents so much of its programming in the form of fear is that it reaches into the animalistic qualities inherent in the human being and if you want to keep the population in control, they must be operating on an animalistic level. Just like you put animals in cages to control them, well, instead of putting human beings in cages, you put a cage around their perception, you manage their mind and their perception of reality.

Doomsday scenarios will destroy your perceptions of reality and from there destroy your life from the inside out

There are many events that are propagandized through the media, both mainstream and alternative that are completely illusory, intended to put people into a state of FEAR so that they don't ask, in fact, they become incapable of asking: THE CRITICAL QUESTIONS

People who buy into an illusion will be extremely upset with you when you point out their fraudulent purchase years later because they are still under mind control and are reacting based upon their trauma-induced subconscious programming. They made a choice that THEY THOUGHT was a conscious choice but in actuality it was a subconscious choice and their ego automatically reacts with hate towards anyone that exposes the fact of their bamboozlement.

There is a big difference between making a conscious choice and being led to believe you're making a conscious choice.

You're not 'fighting' anything when you go out to fight the New World Order, you're just externalizing power

What's the point of 'martial law' when you're in a state of mind control?

If COREXIT was used as a 'means of population reduction' wouldn't you think we would have results by now ?

Perceiving particular events based on a racial prescription trips a lot of people up

What's more interesting than this or that story is the psychological impact that these stories are having. In other words, what is the mentality of a person that would make a statement like that ? Is it logical? Does it make sense ?

The falsified reports usually come from mainstream news and the exaggerated reports usually come from the alternative news, they go hand-in-hand.

If the information is presented in a way that is meant to strike a strong emotional response in you, you are being manipulated. You are being put into the animalistic mode, the reactionary mode, the survival mode of animals in a cage simply reacting to external stimuli: BP oil spill, H1N1, reptilian shape shifters, bird-flu, swine flu, etc, all external stimuli

The pre-eminent means of mind-controlling people nowadays is through fear. You don't have to do anything to their body, you just manage their perception

With the BP oil spill people's perceptions were managed to such an extent that they just accepted a completely fabricated event, an illusion as being true.

If you're getting CGI or computer generated images as an accurate representation of reality, it goes without saying that you're being 100% manipulated

'officials say,' 'sources say,' 'experts say,' 'we have sources who have confirmed,' all these statements are indications that you are being manipulated, they're lying to you, literally

Japan Fukushima disaster may also be one of these propogandizations of a doomsdaylike scenario that doesn't pan-out.

When people are in a state of mind-control they DON'T REALIZE that they're being lied to.

It's never SIMPLY about the story. It's about WHEN stories are issued and HOW they're associated with each other based around a MAJOR event, real or manufactured: supposed death of Osama bin Laden, 2012 Olympics, Presidential elections, Y2K. The TIMING of these stories is often more important than the stories themselves

The media events run in CYCLES and there are people who jump aboard that cycle until the media turns it down and starts another cycle and then people jump onto that one. The TIMING of stories is centered around particular CYCLES of programming. There are yearly programs and there are decade programs that get re-installed whenever triggered

[Image: 484375_3674634816826_880425558_n.jpg]
Time-warp hippy-dippy weatherman Freeman visits Lenon

George Carlin Hippy-Dippy weatherman routine

[Image: C6EF3.gif]

The Key - Collin Alexander

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon (Full Movie) -

Deanna Spingola Interview with Bart Sibrel of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon"

Astronauts Gone Wild -

Last Days of the Big Lie

September Clues

Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke - 04 / 08 / 2012

Michael Tsarion Archives

Terence McKenna Archives

John Friend's Blog

Mami - Freedom Monkey Radio Commercial Free Archives

[Image: 61n9Jlg-H7L.jpg]

[Image: 611318BbQFL.jpg]

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