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Cosmic Moral Law: 'As You Sow, So Shall You Reap'
05-10-2012, 01:15 PM,
Cosmic Moral Law: 'As You Sow, So Shall You Reap'
Cosmic Moral Law

'As You Sow, So Shall You Reap'

Yesterday, as you will remember, I talked to you about what it means, on the psychological level, to be attuned to someone else. If you want to understand what a friend is saying to you, you have to vibrate in unison with him. To understand someone is to be on the same wavelength, to vibrate in unison with that person ; this is the definition of comprehension. If you want to listen to a particular radio programme, you have to tune in to the wavelength of the station that is transmitting it. Similarly, if you want to comprehend, to be attuned to, the thoughts, feel-ings and desires of others, you have to get onto their wavelength. If you don't understand someone, it means that you are unable or unwilling to vibrate in unison with him, to rise — or sink — to his level of consciousness. And when you do understand some-one, it means that you have succeeded, if only temporarily, in getting onto the same wavelength. This is the secret of comprehen-sion : it is a kind of attunement to an object or another being. Actually, there are a few details here that need some further clarification. When you listen to what someone is saying, part of you has to be in tune with him in order to hear and under-stand the meaning of his words, but part of you may well not be in tune with him at all. Just because you listen to someone and try to understand his words, it does not mean that you agree with what he says. You can perfectly well agree to listen and to understand him without agreeing with what he is saying. If, on the other hand, you not only listen to him but accept and agree with every fibre of your being with what he says, then you are doubly attuned to him. Thus there are several different levels of attunement or accord.

A human being is made up of a certain number of organs, each of which vibrates on its own particular wavelength : the wavelengths of the heart, the brain and the liver, the stomach and the spleen, etc., are all different from each other, and yet the one organism embraces them all. And a person's thought — or, if you like, his brain, although they are not the same thing — is the composite reflection of the behaviour of all his cells it expresses the tendencies and desires, the whims, torments and sufferings of them all. It is the cells of the brain, the thousands of millions of these tiny cells, that are designed to be the spokesmen for the whole individual. To be sure, the cells of other parts of the body also have something to say, they try to explain themselves and to voice their needs, but they lack the tool, the mouthpiece, with which to make themselves understood. This is why the brain has been given the task of expressing the will, in-clinations and needs of the mass of individuals that go to make up a human body. As I have said, the fact that the brain is in-telligent and capable of expressing itself by moving the tongue, rolling the eyes or twitching the nose, does not mean that it is the only part of the body capable of speech. Every part of man speaks but, for the time being, the brain has the special respons-ibility of being the mouthpiece for all the other organs, although not all the brain cells share in this function. Only a small pro-portion of them are concerned, those that are situated in the centre of the forehead. The other cells of the brain have other functions.

The various organs that go to make up a man are seldom wholly in agreement with each other : the heart rejects what the stomach wants, the brain denies the desires of the heart, etc. A human being is a creature who is out of tune, a creature at odds with himself, unhappy and in a perpetual state of conflict, torn between his own contradictory opinions and passions, between that part of him which aspires to goodness, light and honesty and that other part which drives him to cruelty, violence and works of darkness.

What should we do with all these disparate and contradict-ory tendencies within us ? Well, this is where those conscious, Intelligent brain cells that I mentioned come into play : we must use them to learn how to conquer and control, pacify and, above all, unite all the cells of our body so that, instead of forming a cluster of minor states and principalities at war with each other, they come together to form a single nation. History illustrates the situation perfectly : a few hundred years ago, the countries that we know today were divided into innumerable warring duchies, principalities or tiny kingdoms. It is relatively recently that, thanks to a gradually expanding consciousness, these rival factions began to understand each other better and came together. In the same way, a new light, a new intelligence, must dawn in the mind of man, a new 'king' must take over the reins of govern-ment and persuade all the cells of all his different organs that, in order to be truly prosperous and powerful they must unite and give first priority to the interests of the whole.

Illness is the most eloquent proof that anarchy and disorder reign in a human organism, that light and intelligence have not yet penetrated into the depths of each organ, of each cell. Owing to his ignorance, man has allowed disorder to take root within him and, now, in the common interest, he is going to have to reverse the situation. He is going to have to obtain the submission of all his subjects once again, restore law and order and, with the help of certain methods, bring his cells into a state of harmony in which they vibrate in unison. If he manages to do this, all his organs will obey him and work lovingly together in wisdom and in-telligence and he will be blessed with prosperity and joy.

But human beings will never attain this state of harmony in a world governed by a philosophy of disorder, anarchy and disintegration. They must find a corner of this earth in which the philosophy of harmony prevails and there, having probed and studied these great truths in depth, they must work at trans-forming themselves. This is the work that surpasses all others. No other activity on earth is more worthwhile than the endeavour to introduce harmony, order and beauty into one's own being, to melt into and become one with Cosmic Intelligence. All human beings work at a trade or profession of some kind (and this is good and necessary, for we all have to provide for our own needs), but they have come to neglect the best and highest form of ac-tivity : the work of fashioning oneself, of projecting into each cell of one's being, into each atom and electron, the ray of harmony that alone is capable of bringing every particle into tune with a divine idea, the work of conveying ceaselessly to the whole of one's organism, the conviction that its only need is this need for harmony.

How can human beings, today, be made to understand these truths when they have no inkling that they so much as exist ? To the sages of the past, who knew how to observe life, all these truths were clear and self-evident and, as they lived very long lives, they actually saw the great laws of nature at work. Today, I want to emphasize one of the laws which they discovered in this way and, I assure you, if you take the trouble to understand what I tell you, you will become steadfast and unshakeable, capable of holding your own against all the philosophies of chaos and disorder that prevail throughout the world.

This law, the mightiest that Cosmic Intelligence has given us, is to be found where no one thinks to find it, where philosophers and theologians no longer look : in nature or, to be more specific, in agriculture. Every farmer knows that if he plants a fig tree he will harvest figs not grapes, and that he will get apples and not pears from an apple tree. This is the supreme moral law : 'As you sow, so shall you reap'. This is what I mean when I say that farmers were the first moral philosophers ; it was they who saw that the Intelligence of nature had laid down this strict and immutable law for all growing things. Later, observing life around them and the behaviour and actions of men, they saw that the laws of agriculture applied to them as well : human beings can reap only what they have sown. In other words, if you behave with cruelty, selfishness and violence, sooner or later you will be paid back in the same coin of cruelty, selfishness and violence. Whether you think of it as an echo reflecting off the side of a mountain or a ball bouncing off a wall, it is always the same, absolute law.

Moral law was not invented by human beings. There are those who accuse the Church of making up rules and regulations in order to chloroform and enslave the masses, and there is no denying that there have been popes and cardinals who committed abuses and used religion for their own ends, but this does not mean that the great religious and moral laws had been invented by them. They were handed down to them from the Initiates who had discovered them, long before, in nature. True morality and true religion are not human inventions.

'As you sow, so shall you reap.' If you study every detail of this fundamental law and explore it in all its length and breadth, you will find in it a whole system of tremendous wealth and depth of meaning, for the essential truths are applicable in every do-main. The detailed explanation of this law has given birth to a complete philosophical system and this is why religion contains such an abundance of rules and precepts today. Underlying all these rules there is still the one, original law : 'as you sow, so shall you reap'. Later, other laws grew from this one as a con-sequence, an extension of its philosophical implications. Jesus' precept, 'Do unto others as you would have them do to you', for example, is simply an extension of this law.

Those who deny or disregard these fundamental laws drift fur-ther and further from the truth : their souls torn by doubt and hesitation, they are in a perpetual state of uncertainty and irresolu-tion. And yet the truth is staring them in the face, and it is very simple. Why do contemporary thinkers refuse to recognize it, preferring to put forward, instead, all kinds of theories of their own invention which are not in accord with Cosmic Intelligence ? The fact that they no longer believe in the existence of a moral law based on the laws of nature inevitably distorts their reason-ing and the conclusions it leads to, and those who read their books and believe all these false theories are driven to a state of inner chaos, anguish and darkness. I am warning you : be very careful ! You must learn to reason and judge these things correctly, for if you do not possess reliable criteria, the first person who comes along can lead you astray. Be on your guard ; don't let yourselves be influenced by human intellects that are shrouded in darkness open your minds to the Cosmic Intelligence that has ordered and organized all things so marvellously.

Even if you don't believe in God it is impossible not to recognize that there is order and, therefore, Intelligence, in nature. Take the simple fact that every seed produces its own species how can anyone deny that this is the work of an intelligence ? To see this law at work is enough to change one's view of the world. You may be unable to believe in God but you cannot fail to believe that every seed, germ or egg, reproduces its own kind, whether it be plant or tree, insect, animal or man. This law is absolute and it should make every human being reflect. You may be ungrateful, unjust, cruel or violent but, if you are, you can be sure that this law will apply, sooner or later, to your own life. Perhaps you will have children who will resemble you, in that case you will be the first to suffer from your own behaviour as it rebounds on you through them. Even if God did not exist, Cosmic Intelligence would still be there : the evidence is constantly before our eyes.

You do whatever you please in the belief that nobody knows and there is no record of what you do, so you will not be punished. If you want to believe that, do so, but I tell you that Cosmic Intelligence records everything. Every one of your thoughts, feelings, or actions carries within it a living germ that begins to grow and if you have been ungrateful, unjust, cruel and violent, you will find your path strewn with this same ingratitude, injustice, cruelty and violence. Thirty or forty years from now you will be crushed under the weight of these things and, when this happens, you will begin to understand that there is such a thing as Cosmic Intelligence and that It records everything that happens.

Forget about the Bible and the Gospels if you like, forget about the Prophets, the churches and the temples, but remember that las you have sown, so shall you reap' is an absolute, incontrovertible law. As the Sages of old, who had seen this law at work, also put it, 'They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind'. As for the scientists, writers and thinkers who choose to reject this truth, they too will be snared and bitten by it, unable to escape from the consequences of their own acts. When this happens they, too, will understand. They are so clever and yet they cannot see what is so straightforward. In fact, I will go so far as to say that all the Sacred Scriptures of the world could be reconstructed on the basis of this one law !

Many people say, 'Of course, there are a lot of things in the Bible and the Gospels, but we don't even know for sure that God exists I' To that I answer that you don't need to know whether God exists, whether Jesus ever existed or whether the Gospels are authentic or not ! All you need to know is this law : it alone Is sufficient to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place and lead you to the truth. As you see, my explanation is very simple. In fact — as Voltaire said, although in a different context — if God did not exist we would have to invent Him So why let yourselves be led astray by so-called 'fashionable' philosophers who destroy whatever they lay their hands on ? I, for one, have no intention of following their lead, for the truth that I see, the truth that I know; is eternal and irrefutable and can be verified by everyone. The pity is that these thinkers never point out the simple, tangible realities before our eyes. They are more interested in their own supposedly 'original' arguments and theories ; it doesn't mat-ter if these theories are contrary to truth : everybody is lost in admiration for them as long as they are new and original !

Moral law is a reality, but human beings cannot see it, they spend their time arguing about God or the finer points of theology. But it is pointless to argue. The only thing you need to know is that everything, absolutely everything, is recorded. If a tree can produce seeds in which all its properties, colours and dimensions, all the flavour and perfume of its fruits, are recorded, why should man not do as much ? Why should nature not do as much in every domain ? Nature records everything and morality is built on the recordings, the memory, of nature. Nature has a memory from which nothing can be erased, and woe betide those who decide to ignore it ! Continually, day and night, she records all that goes on in man, all the discord, all his hideous inner states and then, one day, it all rebounds on him and he finds himself bitten, crushed, wiped out ! No one escapes this law ; no man, be he emperor or dictator, has ever had the power to avoid it. Everything that ever is or was is recorded in nature's memory.

This is why I insist so often that you must be careful about what you record ! Everything you do, everything you say or think or wish is continually being recorded in the depths of your cells and, sooner or later, you will harvest the fruits of all these things in your own life. How different men's destiny would be if they were guided by light and reason, if they took care never to plant or sow or cultivate seeds of darkness and destruction by their thoughts, feelings and actions ! In spite of all those who draw hasty conclusions and proclaim that good is always repaid with evil, you must not think that if you are kind and generous and loving you will be repaid with evil rather than good. It is not true. Good always breeds good and evil always breeds evil. Even if you never asked to be rewarded for the good you did you would still be repaid with good. If you do good and are repaid with evil it is because there are still people in this world ready to cheat and take advantage of you. Be patient and continue to do what is right and, sooner or later, they will be punished and become victims, in their turn, of others who are stronger and even more violent. When this happens, they will understand and repent and make reparation for the wrong they did you. In this way, good always bears fruit. Doubly so, in fact, because, in these instances, Heaven takes into account the suffering you had to endure, what it cost you to do good and all your undeserved misfortunes, and your reward will be twice as great !

It is often true that, in spite of doing good, you begin by en-countering evil, but this does not make the law any less valid one day good will rain down on you and never cease ! You still have no real notion of what good is ; you have no idea of how powerful it is and how easily it can protect, heal and enlighten you. The power of good is beyond all description ! It is because they have never learned any better that people repeat the slogan, 'Good is always repaid by evil !' They have never actually put it to the test. As I have said, there is an element of truth in this (you don't need to tell me this ; I happen to have noticed !), but the evil is only apparent and it does not last long. Continue to do what is right and you will see that for yourselves !

Men and women stand in great need, today, of solid truths, of tangible, irrefutable knowledge that everyone can experiment and verify for himself, and this is what I can offer you. Go ahead : try to deny that you reap whatever you have sown ! Of course, every-one will tell you that he is convinced of the truth of this law, but only insofar as the physical dimension is concerned ; nobody goes further than that. If they did, if they applied it to other, higher planes, they would find the same laws and the same correspond-ences, for the world is one. The same phenomena and the same laws prevail on every level, although in different, subtler forms.

That which exists on earth exists, also, in water, and that which exists in water exists in air, and so on. The laws that govern the four elements are the same but, as the essence and the density of each element is different, there are differences, not in the guiding principles, which are always identical, but in their ap-plication, in the speed or violence, for instance, with which each element reacts. The mental world of man corresponds to the element air, and the same currents and turbulence as are found in the atmosphere exist in his mind, but in the subtler form of thoughts and ideas. The laws of the psychic world are exactly the same as the laws of physical nature.

Agriculture teaches us that we reap only what we have sown but we must extend this notion beyond the physical plane and recognize the same laws and correspondences in the world of thought. Men make the mistake of believing that they can do whatever they please with impunity, that even if they sow cruelty, violence and evil, they will still reap happiness, joy and peace. It is just not possible ! There may be some delay, but even if the seeds of their actions do not spring up into full-grown plants at once, sooner or later they will do so. Some plants take weeks to grow, others take months. There are even some exotic flowers and trees that only begin to bloom a hundred years after being planted. In the same way, if you wait long enough you will inevitably end by seeing the consequences of your actions. This is an absolute.

So continue to do good, continue to believe and to love. Don't listen to your lower nature which wants everything for itself and is always trying to make use of others. Work, instead, with your higher nature, your solar nature, which is only interested in giving, radiating and spending itself for others in the same way as the sun. You were surprised, a few days ago, when I asked you if you knew why the face of the sun shone so brightly. Well, in the school in which I studied, I learned that the sun's face was so bright and luminous because it thinks of nothing but how to give, help, vivify, warm and resuscitate others. When I see some-one's face light up I think to myself, `Ah, he's planning something magnificent.' Even if he says nothing about it I can tell. And who taught me this ? The sun. And when I see someone's face becom-ing darker, clouding over, as it were, I say to myself, 'He's got some evil plan in mind'. And it is always true.

You will say that they don't teach these things at University. You are probably right, but that doesn't bother me. Scientists have not yet reached the same conclusions as myself, but they will certainly do so eventually for, I assure you, this is the ab-solute truth. If a person's face does not shine with the brilliance of the sun it is because the good he has in mind is not strong enough to produce so much light. Let me give you an equation of my own invention, and we'll see what the mathematicians amongst you make of it : the light of the sun is in proportion to the intensity of its love and wisdom.

Don't worry, there will be many more new formulas, new discoveries and new truths and, in this way, the third Testament will one day be written.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, The Bonfin, August 3, 1968
05-10-2012, 06:15 PM,
RE: Cosmic Moral Law: 'As You Sow, So Shall You Reap'
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